WIAW- a collection

Hey peeps

I forgot to take photos of one day this week, so again I have a little collection of what I have been eating.


After seeing grapefruits on Lucy’s blog recently, I decided to buy some. I love them, but have only eaten them on holidays for some reason. I do need to wear safety goggles however as they squirt all over!

I have also been loving fresh fruit and muesli combos- this was fig, pear, fruity muesli and coconut milk.

And of course lovely overnight bircher muesli- this was tinned peaches, chia seeds, almonds, fruity muesli, almond milk (all left to soak overnight) then topped with cinnamon in the morning.


(Broken) ryvita with red pepper hummus, spinach and fig salad with balsamic dressing.

A lovely wholemeal wrap (these are the discovery ones which are smaller than normal, and I freeze them which is why it is a bit broken), with hummus, rocket (arugula for our US friends), roasted butternut squash, baby avocado, basil and a fig, red pepper and rocket salad. MMMmm.

Another wrap with hummus, rocket and basil. Yum. Plus apple and more figs. Can you tell I have been eating a lot of figs recently?


Shake (? Smoothie?), with Good Hemp strawberry flavour and coconut milk.

Chocolate tea, persimmon, fig, and a carob and cherry cookie. This was part of what I made for the cookie exchange, and it broke, so of course quality control meant I could not send it!


Sweet potato, hummus, roasted veggies (peppers, aubergine, onion, courgettes) with hemp sprinkles.

Another wrap (obsessed?), roasted butternut squash, hummus, baby corn, spinach, avocado, basil tofu and fresh basil.

Home-made sourdough (I put some chia seeds in the dough and it was lovely) which I had with some bean and veggie bake, and cheese. I only took a photo of the bread as I was so proud of how it looked 🙂


Chocolate frozen yoghurt. This was OK, not as nice as the fruity flavours.

Blueberry frozen yoghurt- this was lovely, although I thought the pumpkin seeds were a strange topping. I really want to try the tropical stuff but have not seen it in the shops. So the strawberry flavour is my favourite.


My meals have seemed quite repetitive this week. The thing is, if I buy something I have to use it up- so things like the hummus were going out of date quickly, so I had to use the tub up in a few days. I roasted a butternut squash, but it was too hot for soup, so I had it in wraps and in salads for a few days to use it up. With the theme for this month being add in an extra cup of veggies, I think I have been doing this OK. My lunch can lack veggies (pb on something toasted and an apple being my fave) so having wraps has been good as I have loaded the veggies in them. Also fresh basil makes anything taste ten times better.


Less frozen yoghurt! And a bit more protein is needed.

Thanks to Jenn for organising it as usual. 
Anyone doing anything lovely over the long weekend? We are off to Bath for a few days (glad we did not choose the Lake District after all the snow- we were looking at somewhere up there), so I am looking forward to visiting a tearoom or two 🙂

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22 thoughts on “WIAW- a collection”

  1. Mmm, your grapefruit looks good! 🙂

    I love wraps for lunches too. Whenever I have a wrap I seem to make it into more of a meal rather than just putting some filling between a couple of slices of bread for a sandwich!

    Have a lovely time in Bath. My Dad lives there so we go quite regularly 🙂 Have you been to Sally Lunns tea rooms before? They do cream teas using (huge!) Sally Lunn buns, I had one with cinnamon butter and clotted cream, delicious! 🙂

    1. I know what you mean about wraps- seems more fancy than a sandwich too!
      No I have not been to that tearoom but I will look out for it- Thanks for that xx

  2. I love grapefruits too, but the juice always ends up in my eyes, even if I have my glasses on! I’m not quite sure how that happens.
    I know what you mean about repetitive meals. I love hummus, so I buy it most weeks, but then I end up having hummus for lunch every day.

  3. I am the same if I buy something it needs to be used up so I often have the same meals, and I agree fresh basil does make everything taste better!

    I am hoping my back will be feeling better as me and the boy plan to go for a hilly easter sunday ramble : )

  4. Hope you have a good time in Bath I’ve always fancied visiting there. You meals all look delicious, I love me some figs but I haven’t seen them anywhere that cheap recently unfortunately. I’ll just be doing some more baking and seeing friends and famil this weekend, just hope the weather improves!

    1. Yes you have been unlucky with the weather up North! I think I got the figs in Asda- they had about 6 in a pack so it seemed a good deal anyway. Enjoy your baking.

  5. I think you are doing more than ‘okay’ with your veggies! I could never eat that much rocket – other than onion it’s the worst IBS trigger ever for me.

    The sweet potato with hummus and roasted veg looks particularly good.

    Shame about the chocolate froyo – with me, anything with star-shaped sprinkles would have to be amazing by default. Pumpkin seeds are indeed a strange topping for the other one, though.


    1. I have never heard of rocket “upsetting” people’s digestion. I really love it (nice and peppery)- much prefer it to kale!
      The chocolate stuff was OK, but I think the fruity flavours are nicer. I think actual chocolate would be better most of the time anyway!

  6. All your meals look delicious, I love persimmon but I can never find it anywhere! Where did you buy yours from?

    1. Either Sainsbury’s- they are normally 3 in a pack for £1, or from Asda where I got 4 (smaller ones) for £1. They are often with the tropical fruit so you have to look hard!

  7. Bath is lovely, one of my favourite places in the UK. I hope you have a nice time. I often find that sometimes my meals can be samey especially if I have long days at work. It just makes things easier to make do with leftovers.

  8. Big grapefruit fan and you are totally right about the squirting! They can be very messy indeed. I’ll admit to preferring the pink grapefruits but either way I think they are a great side to breakfast!

    I tried some of the angelmoo yogurt last night (the strawberry one) and really liked it. I actually think the plain one might be quite nice with compote (or chocolate sauce!?) Haven’t tried any of the other ones – the blueberry one caught my eye but there wasn’t any in stock! I may give the chocolate one a miss if it wasn’t good – thanks for the tip!

    Bath is one of my favourite places. I still haven’t got a round to going to the Austen museum though! I hope you have a great break and some nice weather! 🙂

  9. My meals tend to get very repetitive which is why I can’t bring myself to join in on every WIAW! If something is a little different or if I haven’t done it in a month then I join in otherwise it’s the same old story over here!

  10. Have a great weekend in Bath! I’ve never been but would like to, it looks lovely.
    I need to get myself some figs; your breakfast bowl looks delicious, and my mum, bless her, just bought me one of those blueberry Yoomoos because she saw my post about the strawberry one! Looking forward to trying it and I’m now not so annoyed the chocolate one isn’t gluten-free if it’s not that good 🙂

  11. Mmm, roasted squash, figs, rocket (you’re right, argula is what I know it as)… it all sounds so good! I’m finally getting back to some healthier eating now that the house is just us again. 🙂

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