Hey peeps

I hope you are all having a lovely day- nearly the weekend now woohoo! (I am just really looking forward to a weekend at home for a change).

Sweatshop running was great again yesterday- I think I will rave about it each week until you all go and join in with it too. Everyone set off together on a sort of new route (I had done it before in reverse so got a bit confused at one point!) , but it was not long before the speedy-gonzales had raced off ahead. I kept it quite steady, and even managed to speed up a bit at the end (getting under 10 min mile pace 🙂 ), plus I jogged up there, and ran faster home so I think in all I did nearly 5 miles. Getting better. And, how exciting, next time I go I get a free t-shirt. I love freebies.

Once home I wanted a quick dinner, so I popped a sweet potato into the microwave, and put some veggies in the oven to roast, and had it with spinach, tomatoes, and some almond/peanut butter. Peanut butter on a sweet potato tastes like dessert- yum. I only had some before there was hardly any almond butter left in the jar.

Today (and yesterday) I enjoyed some leftovers for lunch.

OK does not look that appetising but it was tasty!

On Tuesday evening I cooked up some lentils (now I know how to cook dried ones ha ha so much cheaper) and stirred some red pesto into them. While that was going on I roasted some courgette, red and yellow peppers in some balsamic vinegar, and added some artichokes (from a tin of them in water- super easy) for the last few minutes. It had to be eaten with some spinach and hemp sprinkles. I would have added hummus but I have run out! I fancied making some sort of lentil patty/burgers, but I could not work out how to do it, so maybe next time.

Anyway, having leftovers for lunch is the best because I don’t have to get much ready in the evenings. Although tomorrow I need a sandwich as we are going on a school trip- how exciting!

I have been having a few random snacks- the other week I saw (by the dried mango)- mango flavoured with coconut. It sounded lovely (although contains milk powder and sugar)- good for a little sugar boost. Anyway, I thought they would look like strips of dried mango, but they look like corn pops!

They are tasty anyway.

Today I cracked open more of my last i-herb order.

Almond thins (I also ordered some pecan thins, mainly because they weigh so little so didn’t add to my postage costs). They were not as I expected- they are more like cracker/crisps, than cracker/biscuits if that makes sense. They are also very salty, and a lot like those rice crackers you can get. I could not really taste much nuttiness going on, but they are nice with some pb and jam. Oh, and a few slices of chocolate marzipan.

What sort of things do you have for your lunch? What are your favourite leftovers?

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16 thoughts on “Leftovers”

  1. I need to find those coconut mango things! They look really good!

    My favourite leftovers are chili or curry as they always seem to taste better after a few hours of stewing!

    1. Hey no problem- I hope you like it- they just asked if I knew of anyone else and you had said you were 🙂

  2. I’m catching up on marathon talk and guess who’s name I heard mentioned raving about her sweatshop run … episode 119 I think it was 🙂
    I love leftovers, which is a good thing because hubby is not too partial to them!

    1. Ha ha yes I did have a rave about it on rate my run- but you never know they will read it out so I was out running when I heard it and was taken by surprise too! But yes I do love it 🙂

  3. I love that brand of dried fruit. There cherries with berries and mango stripes are the best. A little more pricey than most though.

    I have those exact same crackers from iHerb too. I liked them but they were not what I was expecting too.

    1. I love the mango from that company- as it does not have any sulphar dioxide or anything like a lot of them seem to add.

  4. I saw those Coco Mango things in Waitrose this week and was really tempted but I decided they were a little too pricey in the end. I’ll maybe treat myself after payday next week as they sound lovely! I absolutely LOVE having leftovers for lunch, I find that most things taste better and it’s so much easier/quicker than preparing something separately as well. Usually for lunch I have a salad base topped with all sorts of leftovers and a blob of salsa/hummus on the side. Sometimes the combinations are a bit strange (to some ppl!) but I always find them delicious 🙂

  5. Lunch is whatever I have around, salad, smoothies…..I never really have leftovers I have making meals for one down to a fine art! x

  6. Ooh, that lentil dinner sounds so good, right up my street! I love sweet potato or butternut with almond butter although I agree; it tastes like a lovely pudding 🙂
    I tried those nut thins and was really surprised they were salty, I was expecting sweet biscuits… not bad though and that coconut mango looks great.

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