Random shopping

Hey peeps

Hope everyone is well and not too soggy after this rain we have been having- we were lucky today and it was not too bad- I managed a run after work (only a short one, not quite 3 miles) before it rained here.

I did another Sweatshop run yesterday, and I must say I am loving them- we did the same route as the time I got totally drenched- nice to actually see it this time (and a rabbit- woo!). Although it was a bit strange because there was a girl who was a bit ahead of me, then I caught her up (and had to show her the way as she was not sure) and I eventually ended up about 20m ahead of her (not through trying, but I think she set off fast and slowed, whereas I started off slow and got faster)- anyway, at the end I stopped outside the shop to chat to another girl, and she cut the corner off, sprinted through the car park and into the shop, and sort of made out that she came in before me when I walked back into the shop! I found it weird because it is not timed, like a Parkrun. But it doesn’t bother me (and I finished with 4 people behind me! Unlike the last 2 times where I was totally last)- I don’t mind being at the back anyway.

Exercise has been a bit crammed at the moment- last week I did a run Friday after work, Saturday evening, then we were in Nice until late Thursday night. Then I had a short run Friday morning, before heading off to Brighton. I was going to have a run on Sunday when I got back, but I was so exhausted that I rested instead. This week I went out Monday on my own (about 3.4 miles), the Sweatshop run on Wednesday (and I jogged there and back too- the route is just over 3 miles, but in total it was probably 4.5 miles) and then a short one today. Tomorrow I am off for another hen weekend, so won’t be running until Sunday at least. But hopefully after that I will get back into a routine. Can you believe that the other week I went out running in cycling shorts (would still like some that are slightly longer) because it was so hot?

That was while our bathroom was still being done- explains all the mess in the background! 

Today I had goose pimples as the wind was so cold.

We had to go shopping this evening, and it was all worth it when I saw this in Sainsbury’s:

PB&Co- on offer (save 29p!!!)- they had smooth and crunchy, but I got two lots of smooth. Yum. I used to see it in Tescos, but have not seen it there for ages, so it was exciting. Plus some Rooibos Earl Grey to try.

We bought back some yummy chocolate from Nice- white and dark chocolate with coconut, chocolate with popped quinoa (how “blogger”!) and dark chocolate with earl grey tea, which is really yummy!

Oh, and thanks for the comments on the post yesterday- Good Hemp have asked me if there are any other bloggers who fancy trying their products, so if you do, then leave a comment and I will let them know.

Right, have a lovely weekend all- I need to finish packing!  🙂

Good Hemp

A while ago I was sent some Good Hemp products to try out. I thought I would be sent a few sample packs, but I was sent a massive box- it has been keeping me going for a while!

Some hemp seed oil (Original, and Mild and Light), some shelled hemp seeds, some plain hemp protein, and two flavoured shake mixes (strawberry and chocolate).

I loved the sprinkles and have been adding them to salads and dinners to add some crunch. They are not as crunchy as seeds, and when I put them into some bread I could not really taste them, but when they are on their own they have a faint nutty taste.

I really liked the oils too- I have used them for roasting vegetables, and in general cooking in place of our usual olive/rapeseed oil. Sometimes when it burns it has a bit of an unusual taste, and so I am not sure I would use it in a sweet recipe (like a carrot cake) but for normal cooking it has been great.

I was not such a fan of the hemp proteins- I tried the chocolate one first, and I just found it had a funny after-taste. I was not sure if that was the sweetener used, or the hemp in it, but it did not taste much like chocolate to me. I also found it hard to mix, although I did see some reviews on the internet say to mix it and then leave it a few minutes for the hemp to dissolve a bit, and when I tried that it seemed to work a bit better.

I found the strawberry one similar- it had a strange aftertaste. I didn’t try the plain hemp protein on its own, but I used it in Laura’s wonderful cherry protein brownies, and it was lovely in those.

You could taste the hemp powder, and it tasted less sweet, but not bitter or anything like that. My favourite way to use it anyway.

I will be making them a lot I am sure.

Anyway, hemp protein has many benefits: it is 47% protein, contains all the essential amino acids, and is rich in omega 3, so it is a great addition to any diet. You can read more about it here. The website also has some lovely looking recipes (I like the look of the carrot cake) so I will be trying them out at some point too, I am sure.

I feel like I would rather get my protein from whole foods instead of powders, but I also know that I don’t always have protein heavy meals, and I do feel better (more full anyway, and more recovered after body pump) if I have had more protein, so powders are convenient. I think I prefer the plain hemp powder to the flavoured, as then at least I can add my own flavour to it.

But I liked using the oils and the sprinkles 🙂

Do you ever use protein powders? How do you incorporate them into your diet if you do use them? Any good recipes to try?

And thanks to Good Hemp for letting me try them 🙂

Very very Nice

Hey peeps

I am still totally shattered from the weekend, so I am not sure that typing a lot will make much sense- I had a non-stop day at work today (eating lunch while typing- I can multi-task) and finally got home at 6.30.

So I am just going to show some photos from Nice- these were taken with my phone so they are tiny, compared to the ones Andy took with his camera (but he has not sorted them out yet).

The beautiful sea.

The beach was pebbles, so we did walk on it some times, but tended to stay on the path bit (promenade?).

A couple of evenings we walked right to the end, and it goes up a bit higher so you have the view of the whole cove (or whatever it is called)- the sun was shining still and I love how it reflects off the water, although the picture didn’t come out too well.

The final day- I could just look at the colour of the sea and sky all day.

There were people sun bathing all the time (plenty of brown and wrinkly leather skin), and we also got caught in a rain/hail/thunderstorm at one point (we had to go back to the hotel, we were soaked through, and as we each only had one pair of shoes with us, had to try to dry our shoes with my hairdryer).

Anyway, it was such a lovely place to visit- very Italian feeling (lots of gelato- yum)- we went to Monaco for the day on the train, and walked around the Grand Prix track (as it was the previous week the grandstands were being packed away still, and a lot of the signs were still up) and then a few other towns on the train on another day. The old town was lovely for a wander, and there was a lovely flower market too. We even went to a modern art museum (how cultured) but I was not really a fan of much of it at all, and a museum of the history of Nice, but it was all in French so I could not translate that much! Anyway, a lovely place to visit.

It might be one of my favourite European places to visit- I love Barcelona, and that has the sea and also loads of parks, but then it also had more of the street hassle. Have you ever been? What is your favourite place in Europe to visit?

The week that flew!

Hey all

I hope everyone enjoyed the Jubilee celebrations- they seem a long time ago now. We had a lovely time in Nice- I had not been before and it was lovely- a place I would recommend for sure. We got home at about 1am Thursday night (or Friday morning) and I was off for the hen weekend Friday lunch time, so it was a speedy turn around. I even managed a quick run on Friday morning before breakfast, before unpacking and packing.

I convinced my friends to go to the naked tea and coffee for some lunch, and of course some tea! I love the teapots.

We did a spot of shopping:

Lovely Zest pesto, teabags, and some coffee truffles for Andy.

Plus a case for my sunglasses- they are quite big and I have never found a case to fit them, so normally have to pack them in a tuppaware tub!

We went for a walk by the sea (and even had some ice cream) but it was so windy and the waves were huge! They must have been easily 6ft high!

Then headed to the house where we had a lovely evening (caterers in, games after).

Then events got rather dramatic- we all went to bed, and my friend (who was in a bunk bed above me) got up to go to the toilet at about 3.30- I heard her get up, and then I heard her say “Oh my God there is a fire”- I thought I had drifted off and so I shouted “Are you awake?” as I was a bit panicked, but also wondered if she was dreaming. I got up, and saw the orange glow coming from the garden. By then a few other girls had woken up, and we realised that the wooden surround for the swimming pool was on fire- it looked like a garden bench at first. She called the fire brigade (there was a fire blanket and an extinguisher, but we wondered whether it was electrical as it was in lines on the surround), and then we decided to wait outside in the road (we did stop to get coats and shoes on over our PJ’s even though we know with a fire you should not stop- we figured as it was not in the house we had a minute). My friend even called the fire service again as they seemed to take an age (the two calls were only ten minutes apart, but when there is a big fire, that seems a long time)- there were huge ashes and sparks and smoke pouring over the roof as it was really windy.

Finally they turned up, and as soon as they saw it they were getting axes to chop off the wood- the swimming pool was about a metre from the house and surrounded by wooden decking.

We did make the classic hen party jokes about strippers, and my friend even got her photo taken!

Photo: Not every hen do where you have to call the actual fire brigade!!

By the time they left it was about 5am (we had to call the land lady too), and so of course we all took photos of the aftermath.

All the wood they chopped off.

Some of the burnt bits.

And more.

The decking had burnt right through in places. Anyway, we eventually went to bed for a couple of hours, but no-one really slept, as an electrician had to come out (it was an electrical fire as some water had got to the plug under the pool), and someone had to come and re-fit and test the smoke alarms. We had taxis booked for the next day so we could not just lay in.

Anyway, everyone was rather shell shocked, and so relieved that my friend had woken up in the night and smelt the smoke (she thought someone was burning joss sticks and went to check it out) as who knows what would have happened otherwise.

Anyway, after some dozing we got ready and went for a walk on the pier before afternoon tea for lunch at this place. The decor is just hilarious, and I cannot do it justice, so check it out! We tried to have an afternoon nap, but I think the adrenaline was still going.

Then we got all dolled up and went to the Brighton Ballroom for an evening of dinner, burlesque and dancing.

It was fun, and we were going to stay til 2am, but by midnight we were all flagging (but trying to keep it up for the hen) so we decided to go back. Seeing as some people had only had about an hour of sleep on Friday night, I think we did pretty well!

Anyway, I think the tiredness hit me today- we had a good journey back but then I have been trying to do work this afternoon and my brain is just rather foggy! Ah well, it was a memorable one anyway.

I might post some Nice photos later this week, when I have caught up!

Anyway, please can you all go and check your smoke alarms right now. And what did I miss this week?


Hello all

I hope everyone has lovely plans for the four day weekend- hooray!

I am just glad that I (just about) made it to half term in one piece.

Wednesday evening I walked up to Sweatshop for my second run with them. It was cloudy, but after last week being so hot I was glad it was a bit cooler. Anyway, it started raining just as we were about to set off, and once we had run for a minute or so it was pouring down- massive golf ball sized drops. The runners up ahead had stopped in a bus shelter- I could barely see as the rain was streaming down my face. Some people decided to go back, but as I was wet through and would have had to run home in it anyway, I decided to carry on with them. It was a different route from last week, but a nice one, although at some points we went down underpasses and the water was streaming down them, and at other points we were close to the road so getting 6ft high sprays from the cars too. By the end the rain eased off, but I was so cold on my walk home as I was wet through. The route was a 5K, and although I was right at the back, I kept a pretty good pace- averaging 10 min miles (and for the first mile it was 9.30 I think)- I did say to them that next week I won’t be there, so they can go a bit faster, and they were all so encouraging saying “oh it looked like a long way but we only finished a few minutes before you“, and I just know that running with them is going to help me speed up.

I ordered some more nuun this week, as I saw on Wiggle they have new flavours, and a new packet design! I went for Tropical, and it is lovely (although I still think Tri-berry is my fave). Also I ordered some running shorts- what I want is ones like capri pants, but about knee length or just above- I find that baggy style shorts just ride up and chafe, so I want ones more like cycling style ones if that makes sense? Anyway, the ones I have are OK, not sure if I feel brave enough to wear them out as they are a little bit tight and maybe a bit short, so anyway I wondered what shorts people wear when it gets hot?

I went to body pump again on Thursday- I kept the same weights as last week (partly because I am missing it next week) but made sure I stretched a bit more as I really felt so stiff last week. It helped, as I was sore, but not as bad.

Friday I went out on a run after work- we had such a manic day having a Jubilee party, games on the field, a picnic etc etc, and I was on my feet for the whole day (more so than usual), plus it was very warm, so I just did 2.5 miles, very slowly (took me 30 mins) with one walk break. Plus a lot of foam rolling!

After seeing Laura make an iced chai tea latte, I decided to make one for myself. I brewed some Bengal spice tea (which is spices but no black tea) for a few mins, took the teabag out and left it to cool overnight. The next day I poured some into a glass, and topped up with almond milk (no ice though, so more of a chilled chai latte!). This was delicious, and I have plans for the other half. 🙂

Today has been a strange day as the plumber is finishing off the bathroom meaning I can’t do much at home. I popped to the shops to do a few jobs (and had a chai latte to warm myself up, and- how rude– a man pushed in front of me in the queue! I was so shocked that I didn’t even say anything, just got annoyed in my head), but as they keep turning the water on and off I can’t even do things like cleaning the bathroom or running the dishwasher.

I need to pack because tomorrow we are going to Nice for a few days (how nice- get it?), and then when I get back from there I am off for a hen weekend too. A busy week planned! But I can’t even pack because the plumber has the door open against the wardrobe and all his stuff in the way.  I am planning on going out for a run in a bit, as I won’t be running while I am away, and the weather has brightened up a lot.

I hope everyone has a fab long weekend- I walked up to the allotment earlier and the gazebos are already being set up for their party tomorrow. Plus there is bunting everywhere! How exciting!

Have a good one 🙂