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Hey peeps

I am still totally shattered from the weekend, so I am not sure that typing a lot will make much sense- I had a non-stop day at work today (eating lunch while typing- I can multi-task) and finally got home at 6.30.

So I am just going to show some photos from Nice- these were taken with my phone so they are tiny, compared to the ones Andy took with his camera (but he has not sorted them out yet).

The beautiful sea.

The beach was pebbles, so we did walk on it some times, but tended to stay on the path bit (promenade?).

A couple of evenings we walked right to the end, and it goes up a bit higher so you have the view of the whole cove (or whatever it is called)- the sun was shining still and I love how it reflects off the water, although the picture didn’t come out too well.

The final day- I could just look at the colour of the sea and sky all day.

There were people sun bathing all the time (plenty of brown and wrinkly leather skin), and we also got caught in a rain/hail/thunderstorm at one point (we had to go back to the hotel, we were soaked through, and as we each only had one pair of shoes with us, had to try to dry our shoes with my hairdryer).

Anyway, it was such a lovely place to visit- very Italian feeling (lots of gelato- yum)- we went to Monaco for the day on the train, and walked around the Grand Prix track (as it was the previous week the grandstands were being packed away still, and a lot of the signs were still up) and then a few other towns on the train on another day. The old town was lovely for a wander, and there was a lovely flower market too. We even went to a modern art museum (how cultured) but I was not really a fan of much of it at all, and a museum of the history of Nice, but it was all in French so I could not translate that much! Anyway, a lovely place to visit.

It might be one of my favourite European places to visit- I love Barcelona, and that has the sea and also loads of parks, but then it also had more of the street hassle. Have you ever been? What is your favourite place in Europe to visit?

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14 thoughts on “Very very Nice”

  1. Lovely photos! I like sunshine and sea – it makes for beautiful photos! I’d really like to visit Nice – it always looks glorious and reminds me of Tender Is the Night!

    I think my favourite place in Europe to visit would be….I don’t know…there are so many fantastic places! I think St. Petersburg is my favourite european city though! But I also love the Sorrento area of Italy – so beautiful. I’d really like to visit Rome and Berlin! 🙂

    1. I liked Rome and would love to go back- so much to see. I hear a lot of good things about Sorrento but have never been.

  2. Oh my!! Beautiful!! It seems that cameras can never quite capture the beauty of nature, especially the ocean, no matter how talented the photographer is.

  3. Love the beach pics, they look bliss, such a change from here at the moment!! Glad you had a fab holiday with a good balance between culture, relaxation etc 🙂

    I’ve been thinking about Barcelona a lot recently as we are coming up to our anniversary – really looking forward to our weekend away to London but it won’t be *quite* the same as our honeymoon, ha, loved Barcelona – like you say, it kind of had everything, beach, greenery but also the busy city – living down in darkest Devon a bit of city life is novelty occasionally! 😉

    Other favourite places in Europe…I love going to the Algarve, Portugal but that is mainly because my Mum’s sister lives out there with her family. I used to go out on my own for 2 weeks every year from when I was 15/16 until I got pregnant with Izzy, bliss!

    I’ve never been to Nice, we did fly there for a holiday when I was 18, but we stayed nearer to St Tropez I think. We tended to do beachy holidays more when I was younger, with the occasional bit of culture thrown in (much to the complaint of me & my sisters…my poor parents!!) Possibly my favourite European holiday actually was to Sorrento, in Italy when I was about 12. I loved the daytrip to Capri on the boat, gorgeous turquoise sea and lots of boat trips 🙂

    Whew, ramble over. As you might be able to tell, I miss going abroad on a regular basis…maybe when the children get a bit older/leave home it’ll happen again!! 😉

    Hope you manage to get some rest soon, definitely sounds like you need it xx

    1. Ha, I took so long waffling on that two other people have also written comments, including Jessica also loving Sorrento 🙂 We considered going to Italy on our honeymoon because I loved Sorrento so much and Liam’s never been to Italy before, but decided that as we get to go abroad so rarely these days we ought to go somewhere new/with more things to do! Barcelona was a good choice though, I did love that week away 🙂

      1. And yes that was a long comment too 🙂
        Yes I think going away twice and then back to work straight away (and one night with no sleep) was not such a good idea!

    2. Yes another vote for Sorrento- must add it to my list!
      I loved Barcelona- so much to do, and so relaxing too. I think anywhere by the water is good.

    1. Yes it was- I mean it is close to the border- you could get the train through to Italy, but it had that sort of feel to it.

    1. I know all of Scandinavia is so expensive, but that is partly why it is so nice as it is well looked after I suppose.

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