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Thanks for all the lovely comments on my post- glad you enjoyed reading the recap. My legs are almost recovered- a little stiff today but tomorrow I will have a gentle run and see how I get on.

When I got home from my holiday I was excited to receive a lovely package from Jordans cereals.

Some lovely granola, and some nutty cereal bars. See the massive chunky nut in the picture? Yum!

The luxury absolute nut bar was very tasty indeed- it was packed with nuts (59% of the bar were made up of pecans, almonds and hazelnuts!), but it was also very sweet. It would be a good energy boost before a workout or run.

The super fruity granola was lovely too- nice and crunchy, and I loved the pieces of freeze dried fruit (raspberries and redcurrants)- there were plenty in there it seemed. I had it as a topping for overnight muesli, but Andy had some with milk and he said it stayed crunchy and didn’t go soggy.

We also enjoyed it mixed in to my home-made acai bowl to imitate what I had on holiday- whizzed up frozen banana and cherries with a little cocoa powder, served with fresh fruit (papaya, blueberries and banana), granola and a little agave (should be honey but I think I used agave). Delicious.

The Jordans website has plenty of other breakfast foods including muesli, breakfast bars and breakfast cereals. I like the look of the muesli with redcurrants and raspberries- sounds very summery I think.

What is your favourite way to eat granola/ muesli? 

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