Reindeer cupcakes (almost)

Hey peeps

So I had a plan, to make little reindeer cupcakes for the school Christmas Fayre. I had seen a few ideas on the internet, using pretzels for the antlers. So I bought some pretzels, and this evening made some chocolate cupcakes. I iced them, cut up the cherries (for the noses) and got some raisins out (for the eyes).

Then I opened the packet of pretzels- turned out they were giant pretzels. Yup, it said it on the packet, but I didn’t think they would be that big!

You can kind of see it I think! Next time I would use chocolate chips for the eyes, as the raisins hardly show up against the chocolate icing. Plus the fake red cherries would be better, as they show up more too.

Hopefully they will go down well with the children.

Right, off to bed!


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