Extra long workout

Hey peeps, I hope you are all staying warm.

I won’t go on about the snow (I wish I had taken some photos yesterday as it looked so pretty) but it did put a bit of a spanner in my plans. Anyway, let’s rewind. On Saturday I went out for a 9.3 mile run- I decided to do my usual loop but add a little on at the start- for some reason that is psychologically easier than adding on more at the end. Anyway, I really enjoyed it. I mean, loads more than usual. It was freezing, and I kept gloves and long sleeves on (whereas sometimes I take them off/ roll them up as I get warm), but I kept a steady pace, and felt pretty strong. I suppose I have been doing a similar distance for a while now, so my legs must be getting used to it. And I didn’t get a headache in the afternoon either- I think “real” tea after I finish helps with this.

Sunday was pancakes (pumpkin pancakes with apple and mincemeat) plus tea. Then we were off to London- we had a lovely walk through Hyde Park and around, had a bite to eat (there was a Leon right by the theatre, so we went there- I had a lovely falafel wrap thing) and then went to see Jersey Boys. It was good fun. I didn’t know much about it, but I recognised loads of the songs.

I was meant to be going to Starbucks after work to meet some friends, but the snow was coming down hard from about 11.15am, and by the afternoon was laying on the playground, paths and road, so we postponed and went home as soon as we could. I was thinking I might have a run if the pavements near me were clear (sometimes they are efficient near me) but they were not, so I did some work and had a hot chocolate instead.

Today by the time I got home a lot of the snow had gone, and the paths near me had been cleared, so I decided to have a run. Oh my word this turned into such a long workout! Because it is so cold I have many many layers on to wear to work, and then going out running today I wore: a thermal long sleeved top, a t shirt, a jacket, tights, leg warmers (love these because the tights let in cold air where the zips are), buff, headwarmer, gloves. It took me about ten minutes I think to change for my run!

But it was worth it. I took the run slowly because some of the pavements were not clear- some had been gritted but most had not, and in the dark it was hard to see the icy patches- I slipped a few times, and where I could I ran on the grass instead. 4 miles, in the freezing cold, but at least I was out there longer than it took for me to change.

I am hoping to make my 4 runs this week still- hopefully the Sweatshop run will be on tomorrow, and then I will do the other 2 at the weekend.

I am so pleased with how the team is getting on! We now have 11 members (and you can still sign up if you want to)- so we count as a medium team! Everyone logged their runs in the first week, and most people got 100% in their target. I am not expecting to get 100% the whole way through- I usually do 3 runs per week, but I was persuaded to go for 4 after listening to the show. I want to aim for something a bit higher- they were saying if you hit your goals all the time then your goals are too easy, and for me 3 runs was too easy. I am not saying it is for others, but I am saying getting 100% is not everything either, it is the taking part that counts. Although I might get a little competitive- I was rivalled by another Maria (this is just for fun- you can compare your % results side by side, so extra motivation I suppose) and she is winning at the moment!

Sadly (although the team name suggests otherwise) there has still been no baking! And not much blogging either. Ah well.

I shall leave you with my post pump snack:

Papaya with coconut coyo and a little lime curd. Delicious, but super rich.

Did anyone build a snowman? Or anyone else had plans disrupted because of the weather?

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12 thoughts on “Extra long workout”

  1. Well, as you are very polite and do not swear on your blog, I shall keep my feelings about the snow to myself.

    I still wish I could try Coyo! I know it’s so calorie-dense and rich but I’d just want a spoonful to see what it’s like. If it was the texture of Greek yoghurt I’d have to find my self-control somehow and buy some because that would be amazing.

    Oh dear, even in these temperatures I am out in just one layer, although I have graduated from shorts to capris. And I was still too hot! But I was just shuffling and cursing mostly – as I predicted just when I can run a bit the *insert colourful metaphor here* snow comes down.

    I meant to ask before – which song in Pump do you find annoying? I can think of about six in this release!


    1. Ha ha yes I find loads of them annoying. The chest track, because I don’t like that song (Andy plays it on Rock Band sometimes – gets stuck in my head), um, also the biceps just seems to go on and on and is a bit weird. That whistle song gets stuck in my head (is that the triceps?). Anyway, there are none that I really look forward to, and usually a few grow on me.
      Ha ha yes I knew you would be against the snow- I just run too slowly to properly warm up I think.

  2. We’ve only had a dusting so far, luckily, just hoping there’s no more! I know what you mean though, it takes me so much longer to get dressed at the moment because it’s so, so cold 🙁
    So glad the team’s going well, it sounds a brilliant idea.

  3. Not a hint of snow in Cardiff, which is a shame, though I can see it on the mountains in the distance 🙁

    I took a look at Sweatshop for running shoes too – they look really good, thanks for recommending it to me 🙂 The ones I needed weren’t in my size though 🙁


    1. Yes I just saw the weather for Friday- I would love to be able to work from home when the weather is bad.

  4. We have a bit of a smattering of snow but I think Russia hardened me a lot. It’s not the amount of snow that’s the problem, it’s our councils who are just useless with the weather. They don’t grit well enough or widely enough. It’s not as if the weather came as a surprise, yet they still fail to thoroughly grit the roads so that drivers can get around safely and in reasonable time.

    I love coconut and lime! Such a wondeful combo! Your running is amazing considering you were out of action this time last year! 🙂

    1. Thanks 🙂 yes pleased with how the running is going. I agree the council doesn’t grit the pavements but luckily the business park near me does- but most of the pavements are so dangerous.

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