Fresh air!

I love fresh air. I think that is one of the reasons why I love running so much. I think I would struggle to run for 10 minutes on a treadmill, but I could run for hours outside.

Anyway, this weekend was filled with fresh air! Freezing cold fresh air. As the weather looked OK we booked a B&B in the Cotswolds, and headed up there on Friday afternoon. We stopped off somewhere (all the little towns have lovely names but I can’t remember them!) for tea and cake, and after leaving our things at the B&B we walled to a nearby pub (with a fire) for a cosy dinner.

On Saturday we headed to Charlecote Park (making the most of National Trust membership) where I found this gingerbread house! Well, it’s made of wood, but it looks just like one!

We spent the afternoon wandering around Stratford upon Avon, where we had tea and cake in The Real Tea Cafe (they use the cool loose leaf tea container things too) and then had a lovely (cold) walk by the river, and in the evening we went for another walk in another little town before dinner. It was so nice to be out and about so much, even though it was very chilly.

On Sunday we went to Oxford. I bought some new lunch tubs:

Owls are super cute!

Then we went to Giraffe for lunch and had a walk around, before heading back home for the afternoon. I was considering a run on Sunday evening, but it was so cold, and by then I just wanted to warm up. So I made some tiffin for work.

This was based on a Hummingbird fridge cake recipe 150g butter, 50g coconut oil, 50g golden syrup, 50g cocoa all melted in a pan. Then add in a packet of chocolate biscuits (left over from Christmas), some dried cherries, and some trail mix. I sprinkled it with coconut and a little more trail mix to make it look pretty.

I did have a run on Monday, but I missed aerobics on Tuesday as I have had a really sore shoulder. It is much better today, but the last few days it feels like I have pulled something, or strained a muscle or something, so I thought a day of rest would be better. I tried the Deep Freeze one day, but that didn’t seem to help, so for the last couple of days I have been using Deep Heat, which helps more, but also smells so much stronger!

I had a training course this afternoon, and walked back as it was close by (more fresh air)- I am just enjoying some lovely teapigs lemongrass tea before I head out on my Sweatshop run. It is lovely out there today- the sun came out this afternoon, and the air is crisp and cool, so a good night for running I feel.

Are you a fresh air fan?

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18 thoughts on “Fresh air!”

  1. Yep I detest the treadmill. I just can’t enjoy it. But when out in the fresh air it’s just bliss!
    Your weekend sounds fab. I love finding little tearooms, having a slice of cake and just enjoying the scenery.
    Haha I love that you said you still have chocolate biscuits from Christmas – we still have a whole box of them! I know though as soon as I start them it’ll be a downwards haha.

  2. Oh, I LOVE the fresh air. It has been blissful not to have to run on the treadmill today and yesterday! My eczema improves so much when I am outside in the sunshine as much as possible – it has been getting me down a lot recently because air conditioning, heating and also sweat make it flare up so the combination of all of those things (I sweat like a huge, hairy man when I run on the treadmill!) has been awful for my skin.

    I hope your shoulder improves! I find heat works better than cooling treatments as well – icing tends to make any injuries I have worse for some reason.


    1. I looked on NHS direct and they recommended icing, which is why I tried that first, but the heat helps more. I think it is to do with whether it is inflammation or something else?

  3. I grew up in the Cotswolds, it is such a lovely place! Fresh air makes such a different to my quality of life!

  4. Definitely a fresh air fan. Once the gym at work kept being booked up with the New Years Resolution folk, I decided to hit the park with my running – and I love it!

    Jamie @ The Zombie Fitness Blog

  5. I’m just starting to get into running (well, not really running, I’m doing C25K and am sort of shuffling at the moment) and am loving exercising outside instead of indoors! The owl boxes are gorgeous – I’m a bit obsessed with owls right now 🙂 Hope your shoulder gets better soon, I’m off to look up that tea you mentioned!

  6. I will admit that as much as I still love my treadmill I do prefer to get outside …. in all fairness though my t/mill is practically outside 😉

  7. I love the Cotswolds, such a beautiful part of the country and how cute is that little house! I want to plan a trip there now! I also want to become someone who loves running so am hoping to get some tips from your blog!

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