Ultimate gym bra and Alibi drinks

Hey everyone, I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. This morning I headed into London to meet up with a couple of friends- we ended up going for breakfast at Bill’s, (french toast and mint tea for me- delicious) and had a lovely catch up.

By the time I had got the train back, and walked home, it was mid-afternoon, and I was very undecided about what to do for the rest of the day. I want to do a long run this weekend, and the weather was drizzle, although tomorrow we might have snow (but probably rain), but then I run much better in the morning, plus french toast and no lunch is no running fuel. I also had a lot of work, and housework to be getting on with, and wanted to pop to the shops…. so many things to weigh up, and as Andy was out all day I only had to think of myself. In the end I had a snack and a drink and headed to the shops.

I was kindly sent a couple of these alibi drinks to try, and today I tried the citrus one which had a nice lime flavour.

In town I had a lovely chai tea latte, picked up the Healthy mag from Holland and Barrett (so excited for Laura, Phil and Alex!), and then bought a few goodies from Sainsbury’s.

I have Andy hooked on that peanut butter too, and Sainsbury’s seems to be the only place that stocks it. Plus two types of mint tea, rye bread (I had some for dinner with mashed avocado- so yummy), some nice looking trail mix bars, eggs ready for making Andy “proper” pancakes on Tuesday, pistachio chocolate (could not resist as it was on offer for £1) and some Beyond Dark chocolate drops.

Then I got on with my work for a couple of hours, and after dinner did my housework. At least I have tomorrow pretty clear so I can be flexible when I go on my run, and hopefully we will go to the cinema or something too.

On to a couple of reviews:

I was kindly sent an Ultimate Gym Bra to try.

I really like the shock absorber brand, so I was very pleased to be offered one. It is pretty similar to the shock absorber Run bra, which I always wear when running. It has 2 straps at the back, but the top one clips (like a bikini top) and you can do that up, slip the bra over your head, and then do up the main strap as usual. It feels pretty secure- I have worn it to body pump a couple of times and I thought it was fab- even during the “leaping lemons” as we call the jumps you do in the lunges track.  I have not tried it out running yet, as it is not billed as a running bra, but I think I will at some point for a short run. I found it more comfortable than the run bra, because the upper strap was slightly lower down, although it did mean that I could not undo the top strap by myself- I am not very flexible! Of course you could slip it off and then undo it, but that’s how I take the other one off.

I felt that it looked really flattering- I really liked the double layer style on the front. It also had a handy little clip for a wire, so if you were listening to an mp3 player while working out it would stop the wire getting all tangled. Plus I felt it was really supportive- I know that sometimes when you are at the gym you are not moving that much, but you still need the proper support- it drives me mad when I see ladies working out with normal bras.

You can see information about Shock Absorbers Ultimate Gym Bra product here, and the picture shows the little wire clip too, as well as the double strap at the back, and other bras in the sports bra category too.

Thumbs up from me!

I was also sent some Alibi drinks to try.

They are drinks made with sparking spring water, fruit juice, vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts, and they come in two flavours- pomegranate and citrus. They have 100% of several B vitamins, C, D, E and K. You can see a bit more information here, although I can’t find the list of ingredients on the website anywhere.

I had the pomegranate one after body pump this week, as it is meant to rehydrate (it contains a little potassium)- although I am not a massive fan of sparkling drinks, I liked it as it did not seem too fizzy, and also did not taste too sweet or artificial- you could taste the pomegranate juice.

I had the citrus one today, and the lime flavour was nice, although I think I preferred the pomegranate one. I don’t think I would have this on a regular basis, as I prefer something like coconut water to rehydrate me, but I think if I was out and a bit hot and bothered I would be tempted to buy one as they are quite refreshing.

Anyway, they were nice to try.

How has your weekend been so far? How are you at making decisions?

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7 thoughts on “Ultimate gym bra and Alibi drinks”

  1. I’ve really enjoyed the Alibi drinks. They can be a little sweet at times, but I’ve been enjoying them in the afternoon when my energy levels tend to be lower. I’m loving that peanut butter too, it’s the drippiest peanut butter ever!!!

  2. I love shock absorber sports bra’s they are awesome! My weekend has been busy so far, I worked yesterday and then we went to see Zero Dark Thirty which was brilliant. Just having a chilled day today, with some chores to do and hopefully a run sometime later.

    1. Andy really wants to see that film, but I am not sure if it would be too serious? But then I really liked Argo.
      Hope your run goes OK.

  3. I love getting everything done on Saturday so then Sunday is free to do whatever 🙂
    I love the idea of meeting up with friends for breakfast as well. Something I never do but sounds love. I never think to have breakfast out. I guess it’s because there aren’t many places that close to me that are breakfasty. I wish we were a bit more like the states with all their pancake houses!!

  4. I like the look of those bras and might have to invest in one, the one I use for riding when I’m jumping at shows is a bit tired now! Sorry if that’s TMI 🙂
    Hope you managed your run ok yesterday, the weather was filthy all day here …

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