Lord Poppington’s review

A while ago I was sent some popcorn to sample, from Lord Poppington’s.

First up, I love the name! And the packaging is bright and eye catching, and makes the flavours pretty clear (seems simple, but so many packets are hard to read I think and you can spend ages looking for ingredients, what the flavour is etc).

They some in four flavours- Sweet and Salty, Lightly Sea-salted, Chilli and Lime, and Four Cheese.

I really liked this popcorn- it was “proper” stuff, and not coated in that crunchy solid syrup like a lot of popcorns are. The salty was good- I am not a massive salty fan, but it was not too salty for me. You could have one packet to yourself (they are pretty low calorie), but they are pretty big so we tended to share. I am not keen on cheese flavour things anyway, and I am afraid the Four Cheese one was too cheesy for me- however I took the packet to work, and other people enjoyed it, so if cheese flavour is your thing then they are worth a try.

The Sweet and Salty was my favourite as I do prefer sweet flavours- the salt stopped it being too sweet I suppose. Plus it was so nice to have a sweet popcorn that was not all crunchy- those ones end up sticking to your teeth too.

The Chilli and Lime was a very orange colour, I suppose due to the chilli powder. It was spicy, but it was not too strong. I am quite a wuss when it comes to spicy food, so I didn’t have a lot of it, but I did have more than just a taste so it was not overpowering. The lime flavour came through (zingy) and they really reminded me of something, but I am not sure what- it is still annoying me now!

Although I don’t find popcorn very filling, it is a good snack for when you fancy something to nibble on, and the serving sizes are generous. The perfect movie night snack.

I like the range of flavours- and who knows perhaps they will start making more flavours? I would go for a salt and vinegar one, or maybe a sweet cinnamon one. What would your ideal popcorn flavour be?

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  1. I love a big bowl of popcorn after a long run. Nick has an air popper which is brilliant, so easy to use. I top with coconut oil, cinnamon and Himalayan pink salt. Hits the spot everytime! Love their packaging and flavour combinations!

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