Hello from Utah!

Hello! I hope everyone is well, and that the temperatures in England are getting warmer.

Last Thursday we had to get to the airport after work, as we were heading to California and beyond for an Easter holiday. We usually have a small trip in the UK at this time of year, but because last summer we bought an annual pass to the National Parks, (and because we have always wanted to go to Yosemite, and Easter is the best time for all the waterfalls etc) we booked it.

We had an evening flight to Toronto, then an overnight stay, then an early flight the next morning to LA. The pilot told us when we were flying over the Grand Canyon- pretty amazing.

We had two days in the Disney parks (which were great- really fun rides), and then picked up our hire car and drove to Vegas.

The Bellagio hotel had a lovely garden in the foyer bit- so pretty (we stayed in a hotel that linked to it).

In the evening we had tickets for The Beatles Cirque Du Soleil show, Love.

It was our birthday presents to each other, as they are both coming up soon. I had never seen a cirque show before, and had no idea what to expect, but it was brilliant. The performers were amazing, and the music just added more to it.

Of course we had to stop by the Fountains and see them dance to music.

The next morning we had more of a walk in the sunshine before our longest drive- Vegas to Grand Canyon (over 270 miles). We stopped for some lunch first, then stopped at the big dam, (The Hoover dam, apparently where one of the transformers live?) before the long drive. It was amazing the way the scenery changed- mountains, deserts, forests. We finally reached the canyon once it was dark.

We did a lot of walking around- there were free shuttle buses that went all around the South rim, so we got those and then walked between them (on the first morning the walk was 5 miles). It is just amazing- the views change all the time, and it is so hard to understand the scale. Apparently it is 10 miles across, and the river, which looks like a ribbon in the distance, averages 100 feet across!

We even saw some elk in the car park of the hotel! We saw more while on the bus too- always very exciting!

Then we drive to Monument Valley (just the 200 miles this time) as Andy has always wanted to see it.

It was amazing to see. They can be up to 300 metres high! There was a drive all around them, but it was on sandy desert and not paved roads, plus we had another 140 miles to drive before our overnight stay. We have been doing a mega road trip! We had one night in Page (Arizona), right by Lake Powell, and then another long drive to Zion National Park today. It is amazing! If you have seen 127 hours (which is a brilliant film) then the scenery is just like that. Basically it is a massive canyon, but you are in the bottom of it, instead of looking down into it, like at the Grand Canyon. (You can look at a photos tab on that link if you are interested, although Andy has taken loads too)

We arrived in the afternoon, and it turned out the clocks had changed? We were in Arizona before, but often they have the new time zones on the “Welcome to … state” signs. Anyway, even though it was an hour later we still had time to catch a bus up the canyon (they have free shuttles here too) and do a couple of walks- one up the river, and one alongside the canyon floor. The walks all have estimated times, but I don’t think they take into account all the stopping for photos that we do- I think Andy has already taken 600+ this holiday!

We still have Bryce Canyon, Lake Tahoe and Yosemite to visit- lots more walking and photos to come!

Bye for now! 🙂

Did you all have a lovely Easter? They don’t seem to have Easter eggs over here- have to look forward to some on our return home!

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14 thoughts on “Hello from Utah!”

  1. AMAZING! How long are you away for? The temperatures in England are getting slightly warmer, but it’s still feeling pretty wintery here! This is a trip I definitely want to take in the future. Sounds like you’re having loads of fun! 🙂

  2. What amazing photos! I absolutely loved the reference to Transformers as well – had me chuckling for quite a while 😀


  3. Ahh I am so jealous. Those views look spectacular! I don’t blame Andy for taking loads of photos. You’re holiday sounds so varied and interesting. I love holidays where you get to see and do so much. Laying on a beach for two weeks definite isn’t my thing.
    They dont have Easter Eggs?? That’s crazy! You’d have thought the US would be the king of Easter Eggs.
    Have a lovely time! Sounds like you have a lot more fun to come as well with all the walking and site seeing you’ve got planned.

    1. They seem to have Easter baskets with toys and sweets, but I have not seen one egg- although to be honest I don’t like their chocolate much anyway (esp Hersheys- bleurgh) so don’t mind waiting!

      I agree I am not a lie on a beach person either.

  4. Wow, looks like you’re having a brilliant time!
    I’ve done almost that trip, from La to Vegas to the Grand Canyon to Arizona, and the drives are so long… but it was the best holiay ever, hope you have a fab time for the rest – and enjoy the sun 🙂

    1. Thanks- yes I agree it is fantastic!
      Yesterday was quite long (200 miles) but today we have over 300 miles I think as we go along the loneliest road to Lake Tahoe 🙂

  5. So jealous right now! I did a trip to San Fran, Grand Canyon, Yosemite etc a year or so back and it was one of my favourite trips ever. Yosemite is absolutely one of my favourite places in the world, it’s amazing, so beautiful!! Hope you are having a great time!!

    1. I just love it! But I love any holiday. 🙂
      But yes Yosemite is just amazing.
      (And they have a lot of vegan food – even labelled- so makes the food choices easier too)

    1. I think California is just amazing- so much variety (is that the right word?) – mountains, snow, canyons, desert, beaches, great cities…

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