Birthday weekend in Dorset

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Gosh the bank holiday weekend seems like ages ago now! It was my birthday at the start of May, a great time to have it as it often falls on the long weekend. Not this time, but we decided to go away and make the most of the lovely weather, and our National Trust memberships.

After dinner on Friday night we drove down to Bournemouth where we had a hotel in the town centre for the night. I really wanted to have a run over the weekend, so on Saturday morning we headed out for a run along the seafront. It was grey and cloudy, but still lovely to run by the sea for a change. Our run went steeply uphill for a short time, and then along the top (not really the cliff edge, but up high)- this wiped out my energy for the rest of the run! We ran along the top, down some steps and out a bit further, for just over 2 miles, and then turned around and ran back along by the sea. My, it was tough! The wind was strong and blowing up the sand, which was stinging my face and legs. We were going to go out for breakfast, but took too long having showers, so by the time we were done we had to check out. We went for a wander looking for a nice cafe we had read about on the internet, but after a while could not find it and went to Starbucks instead. That was OK- I love a cinnamon roll after a run, and we were going to share one, but the person in front of me got the last one! And I asked- no, they had no more. So we shared a lemon muffin instead- quite nice, but no cinnamon roll.

The view from the tearoom- so beautiful.

After a walk around the town in the grey, we drove to Corfe castle. The car park was full so we went to the signposted park and ride. This turned out to not be a park and ride, but a pay and display car park for an old railway line.

We had bought some lunch in M&S, so we sat in the sunshine and had that first. I had most of the lovely salad (squash and pomegranate and a lovely carrot dip), Andy had most of the wrap (which I think was roasted veggies and falafels or something) and we shared the fruit salad. Lovely. Then we walked to Corfe castle as it was maybe a mile away- not that far.

Me squinting in the sunlight!

Of course we decided to have tea! We were going to have cake each, but the carrot cake was so huge we just shared that instead.

Then it was off to the castle- there was a battle re-inactment going on which was a bit strange, but we could still walk around and see it.

It is so impressive that so much of the castle is still there. You can see the tents and things of the battle all around, and also the tearoom!

After that we walked back to the car and drove to Weymouth, where we had a B&B for the other two nights.

That was the view from our window! So close to the sea! We could hear the waves lapping on the shore at night; so relaxing.

The next morning we headed to Lulworth Cove- I had been there on some school trips at Primary school, but Andy had never been and the weather was just beautiful so we were looking forward to just being outside.

The sky was blue, the sea was blue. Perfect.

We walked along to see Durdle Door- some of the path had been in a land slip so we had to walk inland a little bit on the cliff. That was a steep walk and I wished I had packed my proper walking shoes as my trainers have such thin soles.

Lots of people in the water too.

We walked down to the beach and sat there for ages just soaking up the sun (luckily I had put suncream on).

So pretty.

That’s the landslip- pretty crazy.

Then we walked back to the village and had some lunch. Well, Andy had lunch, and I had tea and a scone as that is one of the best bits about holidays!

Apple and mint Suki tea, and a scone with jam. The man was most concerned that I didn’t want cream with it!

Then we saw a place selling local ice cream, so shared a pot of mango and coconut- delicious 🙂

In the afternoon we went to a couple of National Trust places- Thomas Hardy’s house, and where he was born which was this place:

A very pretty cottage in the woods.

Then we headed back in the direction of Weymouth- we stopped for a walk along Chesil beach before going out for dinner and walking around the town for a bit.

On Monday morning we went to a wonderful National Trust place called Kingston Lacy. It had such beautiful gardens- we spent about 2 hours walking around them I think.

We did go in the house- I think they are OK but I much prefer the gardens (but seeing as we are members we may as well go for a look).

The woods were so pretty too.

And there was a very pretty Japanese garden.

Of course, we then stopped for tea once more, this time sharing some Dorset apple cake (had to be done- when in Rome etc).

We were going to stop somewhere else along the way, but the traffic was bad so we came straight home instead.

What a lovely weekend filled with a lot of tea and cake it seems!

I did get some lovely gifts for my birthday. Mine and Andy’s birthday presents to each other was our trip to the cirque show in Vegas, but he did get me some peanut butter cups 🙂 I was also given some very pretty things- a photo frame, lovely candles, and smellies. I was given vouchers by mine and Andy’s family, which I put towards a blender! How exciting! I picked it up last Tuesday but it has not been warm enough weather just yet. Perhaps tomorrow we might use it to make an iced chai.

I think Dorset is one of my favourite places to visit in England- it is just so pretty. And filled with tearooms. Where is your favourite place?

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9 thoughts on “Birthday weekend in Dorset”

  1. What a lovely weekend! Wow I’m so jealous you saw so much and visited some fantastic sights. And great choice in cakes as well. Dorset apple is a definite winner! And scones are up there with Victoria sponge as my favourites.
    I love Wales I have to say, whether that’s the Brecon Beacons or Cardiff, I just love how scenic it all is (well, Cardiff isn’t so scenic, but I love that city).
    I’m hugely impressed you can share cakes and ice cream. It would never happen with Ben and me. Even if we both felt sick afterwards, we would not share. We’d have to have one each.

    1. A few times we have had our own but then either get too full, or further along in the day we see something else and wish we had saved space! So normally we share so that we can also share something else later in the day! 🙂

  2. Wow, what a fab looking weekend! I’m so glad you had a lovely birthday 🙂 I went to university in Bournemouth and the scenery around there is stunning, I’m a huge fan of walking along the coast and Brownsea Island. I miss the sea a lot since leaving Bournemouth. I think my favourite place in the UK is Bristol, I love living here and miss the city so much when I go away. There is still so much of it I have left to explore and there is always something going on. Devon is pretty nice too 🙂

    1. I went to Brownsea Island on school trip! I just remembered! I think there were wild peacocks who tried to eat our packed lunches!

  3. I am also concerned that you did not have cream with your scone! Glad you had a good birthday. The bank holiday was perfect weather to go and explore somewhere especially down by the coast.
    Mango and coconut icecream sounds great! A tearoom near where I used to live in Staffordshire used to have loads of really obscure but fun flavours of icecream. They even had brown bread flavour!

    1. I’m not really a fan of cream- it is OK but I don’t really like it.
      I have heard of brown bread ice cream, I think it is one of those old fashioned flavours, but I have never had it. (It was one scoop of coconut and one of mango though)

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