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Hey peeps,

Thanks to everyone who voted for me in the Whittard Afternoon Tea Blogger Carnival. I didn’t win (but it’s the taking part that counts)- but the runners up were also sent some tea!

I have my eye on the organic Earl Grey. Luckily we bought a new sideboard a few weeks ago, to replace some shelves in our living room, so we now have an overflow area for storing extra tea.

Also my other i-herb order finally arrived! We loved the sweet potato popchips while we were on holiday (I hope they start selling them over here soon) and I had some weight allowance left so I added them. I was mainly after the Vanilla Almond Butter which I had seen on Peachy Palate– it lives up to the expectations!

I couldn’t wait to try it so had it the next morning on toast along with a peach (think I put lemon curd on the other slice).

Scrumptious! It is super drippy too, so I am going to try it drizzled on some muesli one morning as I bet it would go really well.

On Wednesday I was actually feeling really nervous before the Sweatshop run- I knew we would be doing the long route through the fields, and I just worried I would be tired. The weather wasn’t as humid as last week which helped, but it was still hard. I ran the first mile or so at the back, but after that headed out on my own. The end of the field is so tough- it’s a good half mile of really deep grass, and narrow tyre tracks, and there were stinging nettles and brambles that had to be avoided. Also there was some confusion as they wanted to make it get up to 4 miles (it was 3.85) so talked about how to add a bit on. I thought I knew what they meant, but the people in front of me turned earlier (but still later than last week) so I followed them and we ended up doing 3.95 miles, but the lead runners (who are super speedy) and the people at the back did the extra, which was something like 4.35 miles I think. I did it all at an average 9.44 per mile, which isn’t bad as I am normally much slower on the off road sections. My run back home was much slower!

Last night I went to Pump- I mentioned last week I was not that keen on the new release, but perhaps it will grow on me. Although the abs track is rubbish- these weird hip thrust things, and then holding a weight above your head and reaching up (which hurts my neck even though we have to rest the head down between each one). I did add some extra weight to the chest as you only use the bar for a bit, used heavier dumbbells for the first rotation of the shoulders, and I tried to add extra during the biceps but had to knock it off as I couldn’t lift the bar half way through!

My shoulders are already aching today!

Have you ever won anything?


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11 thoughts on “Runner up”

  1. Free tea how exciting, love that you get to choose.
    I seem to be rather lucky with winning things …. just not the lottery 😉

  2. Hope you enjoy the Earl Grey! I won a magic bullet blender ages ago but it had US fittings to I couldn’t use it! James winning the trip to NYC a few years ago was the best though 😉 I had been thinking about going back to Pump but not if the release is rubbish!

  3. Sorry you didn’t win but nice that you still got some tea bags! And they look quite posh 🙂
    I am so intrigue about Popchips. I haven’t tried them before but they sound like my kinda thing. And sweet potato flavour! Amazing.
    I really hate running through grass. My legs get so itchy. But I do find trail runs more interesting but I prefer to be with others as I’d get so lost otherwise.

    1. It’s the taking part that counts 🙂
      I think trail runs are much prettier, but also tougher if the ground is rough. Also I feel safer running by traffic as I feel if I fell over or something then a car might stop and help!

  4. I actually quite like the new pump – it might actually make me fall back in love with it – although that does depend how long before it starts to hurt…. The bridges in the abs track although i can’t say i love them are actually the thing my bum most needs to strengthen it again – totally agree on biceps though – not sure i will ever be able to do a whole track with more than 2.5kg on each end of the bar – started with 3.75 to start but didn’t even get through the first round…. maybe one day – arms certainly hurt today. The new CX is ok but the new Attack is amazing! just hoping that combat, step and balance are as good when we launch them next sunday.

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