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Hey peeps- the week is flying by!

I have been in work each day this week (our last official day was Monday) but it has been lovely to take my time. On Tuesday I went out for a run before heading in to work (and went in with wet hair as it was too hot to use a hairdryer), and last night I went to the Sweatshop run. I was thinking maybe I should have just gone out on my own first thing, but I like seeing everyone there and I do run faster, even though this time I was on my own, I think trying to keep up with the front runners (well, keep them in sight) gives me a bit of a speed workout!

These are my essentials for a summer race! Sun-cream is a must- I used to have some Boots sport sun-cream (I think sports stuff is better as you need to sweat to cool down, but you don’t want the cream to run in the heat) but that ran out, and I had read some good reviews of the Banana boat stuff (which was cheap on Wiggle by the way). It didn’t run, and even though I had sweat pouring off me (especially during the wait for the goody bag/water) I didn’t get any in my eyes at all. Nuun tabs are my favourite way to replace electrolytes- plus they are handy as they are so small- sometimes I put one in a bag in my pocket, and then add it to the water at the end. As this time we took a bag for the drop I just packed the tube, and had one in my water when I had finished.

Baby wipes are another essential if I have any travelling involved- even to wash the salt off my face they just help me feel a little more human. This time I changed into fresh clothes in the toilets, so they came in handy.

I never take an mp3 player or headphones with me, but I do take my Spi-belt to wear, as that can fit my phone, a tissue and hand sanitiser (some more essentials especially if there are port-a-loos).

I have been doing a spot of shopping this week- I picked up some Tea India (Cardamom chai for Andy and Vanilla chai for me to make iced tea with)- yummy.

I saw this cute top/dress in Tesco and could not resist- I think it will look summery with some short leggings.

I made a lovely chai latte with the vanilla chai the other day- ice, cooled vanilla chai and soya milk- refreshing 🙂

What would be in your race kit? Have you bought anything exciting this week?

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11 thoughts on “Race kit and shopping”

  1. So much for teachers getting six weeks of Summer hey?! Our last day was Tuesday, but I was in my new school last weekend and I’m in again this weekend as well as meetings with the external ICT company to fit in over the next fortnight too!

    I always seem to forget suncream when I run. I packed some for my marathon in May, completely forgot to put it on and had such painful legs afterwards. 🙁

    1. I know- I love the flexibility of the holidays though- I can go in later or leave early, and work from home too.
      I don’t normally wear suncream unless I will be out for a long time, as I tend to run early in the morning. But that banana boat stuff was really good.

    1. Thanks 🙂 Yes- I am not sure it is long enough for a dress but as I am short I think it will be OK!

  2. I always take suntan lotion (not in winter), water (for the journey home), safety pins, my phone, earphones in case I fancy listening to music on the race and tissues. Usually to a Parkrun I just rock up with nothing as its so close t home and it’s a nice short race.
    Oooh the tea sounds lovely. I’m so unadvemturous with my tea. It’s either peppermint or just black. I need to spruce things up a bit I think!

    1. I normally rely on them giving out water at the end- on Sunday I took some water with me as we were leaving home at about half 7 so I thought that was too long to go without drinking (if I was to finish at about quarter past 11). I only take my barcode and key to parkrun as it is such a short run, plus no hanging around at the start, although in the summer I have taken water with me for the car journey home.
      Those teas are lovely- Tea india were giving away samples on their facebook page so might be worth a message?

  3. All great things on the list! Re: sun creams which aren’t too clogging and ‘creamy’, on holiday I tried the new nivea ‘transparent’ sun spray (which is alcohol based so oil free) and loved how I could sweat etc and not turn into a streaky looking snowman, definitely breathable and one to look out for! Never thought about wet wipes but I’m sure they are super useful post-race when you can’t get to a shower in good time… Glad you’ve had a good few runs this week, and love the summery top, the pattern is super pretty 🙂

    1. That Nivea sounds good, although I tend to stick to Boots as Nivea in the past has made me have super itchy skin, not sure why. The streaky snowman is never a good look, but still preferable to sunburn!

  4. Coconut water or viridian sports electrolyte mix would be my must have post-race along with a banana! I use a natural sunscreen by Aubrey organics and it’s great, it’s not a specific sport one but I haven’t had any issues with it running either.

  5. I love that top, it’s so pretty. Baby wipes are brilliant, I don’t know how I managed without them – I think I will always have them in my bag now!

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