My week in cake

Gosh this week has been busy! There has also been a lot of cake. And also lots of blackberries. On Monday after work I went out on a run- I got home later than planned and so was going to do a shorter route, but when I got near the fields I decided to do the loop there as soon it will be dark and I like to get away from the traffic. After 3 and a half miles I passed the most enormous blackberry bush patch, and remembered that I had a bag in my little belt to waterproof my phone (left over from my weekend run). So I stopped for about ten minutes and picked some. Ended up with a big scratch down the back of one of my legs, but the berries are worth it! Although I had to run the last mile home carrying it and I am pretty sure it looked like I was carrying something else …

On Tuesday night we went out for dinner as there is a new Giraffe and we had a discount coupon (from the Buzz website). We also had a voucher for the new Euphorium bakery in Tesco so when I got home I had some carrot cake (half that slice as it was huge!).

The voucher was for a small cake (!) and a pastry, so I chose an almond croissant and had it for breakfast on Wednesday (plus mango and a vanilla chai tea). I warmed it in the microwave for a little bit, and it was lovely, such a treat to have that on a workday. I thought I might be really hungry later on, but I was fine until lunch (probably all the fat helped to keep it filling).

On Wednesday evening the Sweatshop run went across the fields too. I was home late and didn’t think I would make it, but I did, and a run in the fresh air was just the perfect way to get a big smile on my face. Then after dinner we headed to the cinema to see “In a World” (a comedy about a girl trying to be a voice over artist for film adverts)- I really enjoyed it.

On Thursday I had my hair cut (I thought pump was cancelled as the instructor was away, but I found out on the day they had a replacement- too late to cancel and my hair needed it!), rushed home for a quick dinner (I bought a cous cous and roasted veggie salad from Waitrose and had it with some salad, tomatoes and hummus as I knew I wouldn’t have time to cook) and then had my nanaimo bar from the cake show. It was lovely- a coconut base, a sort of vanilla filling, and chocolate topping, But it was very rich so I shared it with Andy. Then we were off to the cinema again, this time to see Rush which was brilliant. The cinema was packed which I didn’t expect for a Thursday night.

Yesterday was a cake free day- well needed after all of that! I went to see my Nan, and then spent the evening at home listening to the film podcast and relaxing.

Right, I had better get ready for Parkrun this morning! Have a great Saturday folks!

What is your favourite cake?

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16 thoughts on “My week in cake”

  1. You can tell I approve highly of this post, lots of lovely cake action :). Passing a fruit bush on a run and having a bag sounds awesome, even more productive than ‘just’ covering the miles! Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. A year ago I would’ve said my favourite cake was chocolate – however back in February I have the good fortune to tuck into a freshly baked coffee and walnut cake…… Now THAT is my idea of heaven on a plate 🙂

  3. You’re so resourceful getting all those berries!
    And so much nice cake. I saw the title of this post and knew it’d be good hehe. It didn’t disappoint!
    Ben and me rarely share cake. We’re stupidly those people who will finish a piece of cake even if we’re feeling a bit full or sick. I admire how generous you are 😉

    1. Ha I am not sure if it was me bieng generous- I just could not have it all so gave him some! But often we share because we can have 2 things to taste instead of one!

  4. Favourite cake would have to be lemon drizzle at my mums recently I ate pretty much a whole cake as she had made it especially for me with gluten free ingredients, delicious!

  5. Love a special chocolate cake made with grated zucchini (courgette)! No, it doesn’t taste like veggies at all, but it’s a great way to use up the extras from the garden and add some nutrition. It’s super moist and fudgy! Yum! Dang! Now I have to go make some tonight!

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