Pancakes and more multi-purpose runs

Where has the week gone? I had forgotten how busy the start of term can be!

On Wednesday it was drizzling when I headed up to the Sweatshop run, and I didn’t think that many people would come. I was quite impressed with the turn out in the end. We opted for a lap of the fields as pretty soon it will be dark so we won’t be able to go there. This meant that we were a bit more exposed to the wind and rain, but it was pretty enjoyable. I ran with my brother and another girl and we chatted most of the way around- I felt that it was sort of comfortably hard if that makes sense?

Before my run I tried the Maple Peanut Protein bar from my sports nutribox. It was OK- it was a weird light green colour (due to the pea protein) and although it didn’t taste particularly sweet, it did leave me with my teeth feeling a bit funny. But it didn’t give me tummy issues or anything during the run, and helped bridge the gap between lunch at 12.30 and dinner at 7.30.

On Thursday we had a late meeting at work (not starting until 7pm). Some people were going to go home but I thought that I would not want to go back out again! Plus the traffic can be a bit of a nightmare. So I was planning on going to Starbucks for a bit of a break, but then someone told me it is closed for a refurb! Oh no! In the end I drove to the one half way home and had a chai latte and a caramel shortcake (I was hoping for a cinnamon roll but they had none- boo) and did a bit of paperwork. It was good to have a bit of a break I think- gave me a second wind to last the evening.

On Friday I had the Peanut Bounce ball for a post-work snack. The flavour was good but it was so chewy! I have liked having a variety of snacks this week- often I order a big box of nakd bars and have them as snacks but they can get a bit boring. Then I went on a short run (3.5 miles) in the rain. I think the thought of running in the rain is much worse than when you get out there. I have been wearing my tennis visor which slightly helps keep some rain off my glasses, and psychologically it makes me feel a little drier, as does wearing a t-shirt instead of a vest. Not sure why! I really enjoyed it though, in fact I have loved all my runs this week. I am back to feeling strong again and sort of where I left off before my holiday.

The weather is so much colder now, but one good thing means I can wear my new PJ’s! (The ones with the bears on them)

Although they are a little long for me!

I had a couple of dates to eat this morning- I was going out for runs before breakfast but have recently started having dates with some water before I go out to give me a little boost- then I downloaded the new Marathon Talk podcast, got ready and headed out into yet more drizzle. My plan was 8 miles, but last weekend I did 7.9 so I really wanted to do a bit more. I did the slightly longer loop that goes through the town centre, and took my debit card with me to get some money out- love these multitasking runs (although I prefer the blackberry picking). The weather was fine and I felt good as I neared home so added a little loop on the end to total 8.8 miles.

Of course pancakes were on my breakfast menu! More Orgran buckwheat pancakes (I love these so much!) – I cooked an apple and some blackberries in a little coconut oil, coconut sugar and cinnamon- this was such a delicious combination. Plus a ginger peach tea (so delicious but I have to order on i-herb as I have not found a UK company that makes it).

Ahem. I was indeed tempted yet again by the Thoosa sale. My excuse? Well, when we went skiing the zip broke on one pair of my running tights (I was trying to zip them over my thick socks…), and you can’t have too many running tops can you? I also caved in and ordered the pretty dress from Fat Face- back to school treats!

Do you ever multi-task on your runs? It’s quite satisfying to tick off a job at the same time!

What autumnal foods are you looking forward to? I had ordered some bramley apples today to have baked apples, but they didn’t come so I shall have to wait another week.

PS: The folks at Nutribox have set up a discount code: RUNNINGCUPCAKES which will give you 35% off your first box (and they do a vegan option).

 I was sent a nutribox in exchange for a review but I won’t get any discounts if you use the code. 

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15 thoughts on “Pancakes and more multi-purpose runs”

  1. Oh my goodness…one of those Maple PB bars would never, ever keep me going for that long! They made my teeth hurt too – I don’t understand why they can’t use Stevia in them as it would give them a much better nutritional profile.

    I love to listen to audiobooks and just generally ponder a bit when I run. Not sure if that counts as multitasking though 😉


  2. I like multi-tasking on the run! I often go to post letters or get cash out when on a run. Today I finished my run at a shop so I could pick up some foodie bits. Nice miles today! I got 13 in and felt pretty good, needed to wear a long sleeved thermal today though, summer is over 🙁 I had pancakes for post run lunch today too 🙂

  3. I’ve tried the maple peanut protein bar too – I don’t mind the texture at all, but I’ve heard others have likened it to err… mud 😉 I got a peanut bounce ball at the gloanna yoga run this morning so can’t wait to try it!!

  4. I never really multitask on a run mainly because there’s not many shops near me. But I do like putting a to-do list together in my head or running through certain things I need to think about.
    The majority of the snacks in that nutribox I’ve never heard of. They sounds tasty but there not things I’d usually buy. I just never think to have something like that but I imagine there great snacks. I love my Graze box and I guess they’re sort of similar? I always tend to go for fruit between meals but they don’t stave off hunger much. I need to have a look around I think!

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