Supporting the British Heart Foundation

Hey folks,

So, as you guys all know I really enjoy running races, training for them, and trying to beat a target. It all started with me training for a Race for Life, and I really love that runs raise so much money for charity.

Once a year I choose one event to collect sponsorship for, and this year it is the Blenheim Palace half marathon. Their chosen charity was the British Heart Foundation, and recently a family member had a few heart issues, so I chose to raise money for them.

In order to persuade my workmates to sponsor me I made some fudge for them- two huge batches of white chocolate and peanut butter fudge, and some cherry fudge.

I also made a double batch of brownies- these were chocolate brownies with a salted caramel chocolate drizzle. The drizzle was a cheat really- I had some caramel flavoured chocolate drops (Silver spoon ones) which I melted and then added a little pinch of sea salt to.

Anyway, if we had a blog staffroom then I would happily make things for all of you guys to nibble at. But, I don’t even think that 3D printers work that well yet. However, I would love it if anyone would sponsor me. So, if you do, then I promise to send you a little thank -you in the post. It will be a mystery but I promise that you will like it.

The fundraising page is here– just email me with your address once you have donated and I shall add you to my list.

Thanks so much in advance!! <3

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7 thoughts on “Supporting the British Heart Foundation”

  1. Such a great cause!
    Yeah it is tricky with raising money. You can’t really do it more than once a year otherwise people get fed up of giving money, or just can’t give that often. But making cakes in exchange for sponsors is a great way of doing it!

  2. Hi Maria,

    Just donated, best of luck for the run. Great cause. Looking into signing up for my next half for charity too! xx

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