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Hey peeps,

Hope you are all well. I am off to Brighton in a bit as we are doing the 10K there tomorrow morning (the joy of rail replacement buses will soon be mine). Training has been going well, so fingers crossed. For the last two weeks at the Sweatshop run I have been at the back, which has ended up being good as the guy from the shop has also been there. It has made them really tough as in the last mile he starts going “don’t let your pace drop, close the gap with the person in front, pick up the pace, finish strong ” etc- for both weeks those thoughts have crept in (I am tired/ I’ve had a busy week/ I can’t go any faster) but then with him going on I have sped up a bit and to finish the run really fast is good practise for a race.

On Thursday I had slightly lighter weighs for the back track and the lunges at pump, as those are the ones that seem to affect my running the most. Seriously that lunges track is a killer! Partly because recently the lunges track has been mixed with more squats, so we are not used to it any more. I was considering a run yesterday, but looking back at my training I seem to do better in races if I have a few days off beforehand, so I went to see my Nan straight after work, and then came home for a restful evening listening to the film podcast and then watching a film.

I just need to look up a pacer band (I like the one here) and see what I need to do to get that sub hour 10K!

Onto the review:

So a while ago I was sent some products from Deep Heat to use.

The Deep Heat spray was much easier to use than the cream. I do use the cream occasionally, and I do like it, but I find it so hard to wash it off my hands after. Using the spray made it much easier.

After a tough run I quite like a cold shower (well after a warm shower I turn down the temperature and spray my legs)- I have read that they do that with horses as the cold constricts the blood flow, and so the contrast between that and warming up after means that your blood vessels open wider, and encourage more nutrients to flow in to support recovery. Anyway, whatever the science behind it is, I find it much more beneficial.

After my tough half marathon and Blenheim, and the 10 mile muddy race the week after, I used Deep Freeze on my hamstrings and it really helped.

I have not tried the Max strength stuff yet, but luckily I have not had the need for it! Hopefully I won’t need it this weekend either!

Do you use anything like that to help with recovery? 

Are you a fan of ice baths or cold showers?  I did have a few ice baths when I was marathon training, but I could only take about ten minutes!

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16 thoughts on “Deep Heat review”

  1. I’ve never really done anything apart from icing my knees with frozen peas to help with recovery (or my achilles, or whatever parts of me are playing up at any one time…). I can’t stand the idea of an ice bath – I find warm showers or baths just as helpful, if not moreso, than icing anyway, even though I think they’re actually meant to make inflammation worse (?)

    All the best for the 10K!


    1. Thanks! I much prefer warm things, but the ice gel really helps and as you can have it at the same time as warm clothes it is much more bearable!

  2. I only use tiger balm, I find the deep heat burns my skin but doesn’t really sooth my muscles where as tiger balm works amazingly!

    Good luck tomorrow x

  3. I thought for ages deep heat was called D-P, haha. I love it, and the smell!
    I never understand how to do the cold-hot water thing. I sometimes put cold on my legs then have a warm shower, but am not sure the exact right order!

    1. Ha ha love that!
      I think you are supposed to get cold first, and then the warming up after is what helps with recovery. Also I think the cold slows down inflammation.

  4. I used deep heat on my achey knees during training for my first half marathon, don’t know if it actually helped, think it could be partly psychological! It does feel nice and warming though which temporarily eases the pain I think. Hope the run went ok this morning 🙂

  5. I love an epsom salt bath the night after a long run or especially hard workout.
    I bought the spray deep heat but find the smell so awful and suffocating I can’t use it so either use biofreeze/tiger balm.

  6. I always have an ice bath after any run of over 8 miles and I swear by it, the difference the next day if I don’t do it is insane. I use magnesium oil sport spray as well which really helps with any stiffness, or cramps.

    1. They do really help, but I just do not like them at all! (Also I get chilblains in my toes so have to be careful that my feet stay out of the bath which makes the whole process much harder!)

  7. I am such a fan of icing and ice baths. I’ve got one of those ice packs that I can wrap around my legs and it’s great. I honestly find it does help. I’ve never tried heat though…t be honest I’m confused when to use heat and when to use cold. I quite like the Ibuprofen gel as well for when things are bad.

    1. I think ice helps loads, I am just a wuss for the baths!
      I used to use that gel but you have to be careful as it adds to your daily intake so you have to make sure you don’t overdose on ibuprophen. I think that ice is better for muscles but heat is better for joints? But I really am not sure either…

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