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Usually when I run, I get very very hot. In the summer I struggle to stay cool when running in very hot conditions, and so stick to a vest and capris for several months of the year. Even into the Autumn I have learned to dress for the end of my run rather than the beginning.

However, when it starts getting frosty I swing the other way, and need to wrap up a lot. I will tend to wear a thermal long sleeved top, with a normal top over the top, plus gloves, headband (to keep my ears warm) and possibly leg warmers over my tights.

The change has happened, and so recently my evening runs have taken ages to get ready for as I layer up.

I was sent a thermal top from Damart to review- what perfect timing!

It even came packaged with a candy cane- how festive!

I won’t subject you to a photo of me in it! The sizing was hard to judge- it was either 8/10, or 12/14, whereas I would usually go for 10 or 12, depending on the label and how fitted I would want it. I chose the smaller size, as I have a few thermal running tops that are baggier and they don’t keep me as warm. It looked tiny when I unwrapped it, but luckily the fabric had a lot of stretch in it- phew!

It was lovely and cosy and worked perfectly as a base layer. I don’t think I would wear it on its own, but that is partly to do with the pattern, and partly that if it is cold enough for a thermal top, I generally need another layer anyway.

I tucked it in my running tights, and wore it under my jacket, and it did keep me very warm indeed. The only problem I had (which is the same with other thermal tops) is that when I got home I was boiling! I walked a little bit to cool down, and did a few stretches outside, but as soon as I got inside to the central heating, it was waaaay too hot for me!

How do you cope with the changing weather conditions? 

* I was sent the top in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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15 thoughts on “Thermal tops”

    1. Yes! It is lovely and soft, so perfect for a base layer. I don’t really wear skin tight things on their own either- you wouldn’t catch me in tight lycra in the summer.

    1. The jacket sounds great. I have a few long sleeved jackets but nonoe of them are thermal, so I like the thermal base layers.

  1. Luckily for me, I have no problems adjusting to what to wear for the wintery conditions – it’s not slipping and breaking a hip on the ice that I have a problem with! I’m still in shorts and a singlet, and don’t break out the long-sleeved tops until it’s 0 degrees. That said, when there’s three feet of snow, I wouldn’t mind something thermal for my top half…even though my legs are still usually so hot I’m still in shorts at that point.

    If they ever invent YakTrax that work on even a small amount of ice, and go up to full-on snow, then I wouldn’t mind being sent some of those to review 😉


    1. I totally agree with that last bit! I looked at them on amazon but the reviews seemed to be a lot about not being able to put them on shoes very easily (cutting fingers on them and things) and so it put me off really. I am still looking at trail shoes and I am thinking that they will be a bit better than my road shoes, although for me here it’s only really bad after snow, a small frost is not too bad.

  2. Sounds like a cosy thermal top; I generally layer up but used to find that my belly would still be freezing at the end of my run so I had to get one of those tube things to go round just the belly to help keep it warm. I love layers though because I can take off as I need through a run … which I’m hopeful will be soon 😉

    1. I get a hot back, but a cold front, so I need something on my front but not my back, otherwise those stomach wrap things would be great.
      Fingers crossed for you 🙂

  3. Yeah winter running is a tough one. I hate that first mile of being absolutely frozen. But if you wrap up too much you risk the rest of the run being boiled, like you said. I tend to go with a long-sleeved thermal base and a light water-wicking jacket over and that works nicely. With long leggings and thick socks! And usually a hat and always gloves.

    1. I never run with a hat! Although partly that is because my hair gets in the way, but I much prefer the ear headwarmer things.

  4. I live in shorts or capris until January time, but need a long sleeved top for my longer, slower runs. Then I have the same issue as you, normally buying 10-12s (although more 12s now!) so never know which size to buy. I always wear long sleeved tops under my race vest though and can never have too many!

    1. I usually think that if I want it close fitting, go for the smaller, and if I was it loose go to the larger, but it is tricky to decide.

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