First try at polenta

On our National Parks holiday in the summer I ended up eating polenta quite a few times, as often it was the only veggie option on the menu. I have never tried it before but I really enjoyed it, so a few weeks ago I bought some to try. Then I realised that it might be a bit complicated, plus I found a recipe in The Clandestine Cake Club book for lemon polenta cake that I wanted to try out. I mean, making a cake must be easier, right?

It was a pretty standard cake recipe (I have found a similar one here if you are tempted), but instead of flour it used a mixture of ground almonds and polenta(this also makes it gluten free)- I didn’t have quite enough ground almonds, so used a bit more polenta so the overall weight was the same.

I was asked to try some Clover Immunity Support for the blog, so I used that in the cake. It is rich in Vitamin A and a source of Folic Acid, so it helps support a healthy immune system whilst its Vitamin E content also helps protect the body’s cells from oxidative stress.

The batter was so yellow!

It had to cool upside down (not sure why?) before being topped with a lemon syrup- basically lemon juice and a few tsp icing sugar all boiled up for a few minutes.

The syrup pooled on the cake instead of sinking in, but still had a lovely lemony taste.

Anyway, I should have halved the recipe as it made a huge cake, but luckily last Sunday we had people to help us eat it!

It was a really moist cake- I love lemon cake anyway, especially with ground almonds, but the polenta adds a bit of texture too.

So, I might try “real” (savoury) polenta another day, but for now I am content in using it in a cake.

Have you ever had polenta before? Any good recipes, point them my way! On holiday I had some lovely savoury polenta served with balsamic roasted veggies- I fancy recreating something like that at some point.

*I was sent compensation to cover the cost of the Clover spread, all opinions are my own.

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17 thoughts on “First try at polenta”

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever tried polenta before. But polenta cake sounds right up my street!
    The balsamic thing sounds really good though so I’ll be interested to see if you do any savoury recipes (as you know, I tend to be better at general cooking than baking!!)

  2. The cake sounds amazing and the added texture must have been nice. I have tried polenta before but hubby had made it and you could shave awl papered a house with it sadly so not the best of first experiences … he keep s threatening to try again but I’m not sure especially because I have no idea what its really supposed to taste like!

  3. I made savoury once. It was a cheesey polenta recipe which you then fried…. no likey 🙁
    I’ve tried someone elses polenta lemon cake before though and thought it was Nice.

  4. I love polenta. It’s magnificent in cake certainly. My favourite way is actually for breakfast. Cook it as you would your porridge; milk, water, sugar. It’s so good and hugely filling!

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