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Hey peeps. I can’t believe that Christmas is over. I popped out to the shops this morning and came home to find this:

All our tree decorations on the table.

Anyway, to help me get over these sad times I shall reminisce about my holiday. One of the great things about having an apartment is that we could buy things in the supermarket and prepare food in the kitchen. We often tend to have picnic style meals when we are away (this roughly translates to some bananas, a baguette and some philadelphia to dip it in) but this time we had a fridge, a cooker etc, so we could expand our repertoire a bit. We did have plenty of meals revolving around bread and cheese with watercress/ spinach/ rocket salads. We also had some lovely soup a couple of evenings- so nice to be able to have something simple (and warming). We had some delicious breakfasts, including an almond croissant one day (my favourite).

We also managed to eat two massive bags of clementines. So sweet and tasty.

I was also very excited to find some special “Macaroons de Noel” in a supermarket. At the Christmas market they were selling them for over a Euro each, so this was much cheaper. And some of them were sparkly!

The sparkles would not catch the light that easily.

They were tasty too- especially the raspberry one and the lime one.

We also visited the Christmas markets most evenings. Sometimes just for a walk around, or for a hot chocolate. One evening I had a crepe with nutella. Yum. This picture is from Cologne, when I had the best invention ever– a crepe filled with marzipan and nutella. Seriously what an amazing combination.

On our final day my leg/ hip/ whatever it is was feeling fine, so after lots of gentle stretches I went for a gentle run along the seafront.

I stopped after 1.5 miles to look at the view. Our apartment was by the port, so it was gently downhill and then flat for the whole way.

Earlier on we had run further along, but that was enough for me. It was New Year’s Eve so Andy only had to work the morning, so after my shower and breakfast we headed off for a walk- along the sea wall, up to the gardens and waterfall for lovely views, then to the old town. We were going to get some ice cream, but when we stopped to get some the shop was shut. Boo. Anyway, that evening we walked back to the market and I had a hot chocolate which sort of made up for it!

Also, my hip was not a happy bunny after that. It was fine until the evening when we were walking and going up some steps I felt it “go”- up stairs seem to be the biggest problem. Anyway, a local place were on Groupon for sports massages, so have bought two sessions and will keep my fingers crossed that it helps. I am also going to not run this weekend and hope that a few more days rest will help.

Do you have a favourite holiday food? We are partial to sharing some ice cream, in fact I was looking through some old holiday photos on facebook and rather a lot of them are of me with some ice cream! It is something I rarely have at home though.

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15 thoughts on “Food in France”

  1. When you have such beautiful scenery to run in it really makes it easier, that seafront looks amazing – peaceful and calm.
    ps macaroons look scrummy to 😉
    I seem to need to hunt down fudge or toffee or ice cream when I’m on holiday – and like you say, I don’t eat these things at home … weird!

  2. Marzipan and nutella crepes?! Take me to Cologne NOW! 🙂

    Those macaroons look amazing. I’ve never actually had one, but they look like I would like them.

    1. I know, so amazing!!!!
      Macaroons are quite nice- sort of like chewy meringues with more flavour. But they look so pretty which is their main attraction to me!

  3. Oh no, I’m sorry your hip was playing up again. I hope a few sports massages will help it. My favourite holiday food is probably ice cream, although I try not to have it too often, but in Italy it’s hard not to! I also love having big fresh salads when you go to nice Mediterranean countries.

    1. In Italy the ice cream is just amazing- but we always walk a lot on holiday (and share one anyway) so I think it’s all about balance!

  4. Crepes with marzipan and nutella? Wow! I love anything marzipan based and it’s a bonus that Dan doesn’t like it!
    Sorry to hear about your hip. Fingers crossed it’s better soon.
    We always get warm croissants with butter when we are away as our holiday breakfast treat.

    1. Thanks- it feels fine today but am resting over the weekend as feel I need to be ultra cautious now.
      Yup- the best crepe ever!

  5. Ahh the crepe sounds lovely! I’m not a huge nutella fan but the marzipan wins me over! And those macaroons look so pretty.
    Sorry about your hip. It’s annoying area! I had issues with mine a while ago and it just takes a bit of time to fully settle down because it’s a joint (don’t even get me started on knees…). The human body is amazing but complex 🙁

    1. Yes- they put the marzipan in while it was cooking the second side, so it melted- mmmm!
      That is a good point about the joint. I have rested it since Tuesday and have been feeling fine the last couple of days, but will be ultra cautious for the next few weeks – ease back in gently.

    1. Yes it was amazing!!
      The apartment was great- we had some lovely fresh foods – yummy persimmons and things like that.

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