How Cycling Can Improve Your Running- Guest post

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I have a post for you today which hopefully you will find interesting, especially if you are considering the crazy leap into triathlons:

When it comes to training towards a triathlon, one of the biggest problems comes with the fact that you will think that there is not enough time to train for all of the disciplines. At first glance, running, cycling and swimming are all very different, which means that you need to focus on all three of the aspects. If you are pushed for time, this can be a difficult process. However, by cycling, you can also improve your running performance, so there is an opportunity to train for two elements at the one time.

One thing to bear in mind apart having more than one form of physical activity to enjoy is that you can be active when recovering. The day after a lengthy run, the thought of doing any walking, never mind jogging or running, can seem very difficult. However, a bike ride can get your legs back into action which helps to get the blood pumping and will flush out the lactate from your legs. Being slightly active with a cycle will certainly help you to get back into action a lot faster than a rest day where you site on the couch.

Cycling will work on different muscles in your legs compared to running. This means that you will build up an overall better level of strength, all the time supporting your core. This also ties in to the benefit of working on alternative days, and while the running muscles are resting, your cycling muscles can be hard at work. Working different muscle groups on different days is the key to success when it comes to making the most of your time. If you find you have limited time to train for your race, spreading your work around more effectively will be a great help. Using a good quality bike, such as one from Eureka Cycle Sports, can help you to look after yourself and train effectively.

You will help your hips, knees and ankles by cycling

Just think about the amount of times your feet and body impact hard on the ground when you are running. It is not fun and you are placing your joints under a great deal of strain. Running great distances will help you build up stamina but you may be wearing away your legs and muscles. This is where using a bike ton train will at least help you to reduce the overall impact on your body. You will need to have some element of running in your training regime for a triathlon but adding a strong element of cycling will give you a boost when it comes to looking after yourself.

Something that an increasing number of runners are doing is classed as a “brick” workout. This is where you carry out two different disciplines back to back. Cycling extremely hard to 10 miles and then following it by a 1 mile run will give you the best of both worlds without pushing yourself to a harder extent. It will also help your body get used to what it will be put through when it is time for the actual triathlon.

I used to cycle a lot when I was younger (before I could drive) but the roads terrify me now! I like using cycle paths but they often end too soon for my liking. I do agree that cross training can be so beneficial- I keep seeing more and more people leap on the spinning bandwagon (saddle?)- getting some cardio going but without the impact from running must be a good thing. 

Do you tend to stick to one type of exercise or are you good at varying things?

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  1. Whilst I was injured I used the bike at the gym a lot. Now I’ve returned to running I’ve really noticed how strong my legs have become and it was great to be able to improve my leg strength whilst not risking further damaging my foot.

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