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Hey folks,

I am writing a post today in collaboration with The Homewares Company, who have some lovely looking kitchen equipment and appliances on their website.

I am a sucker for new gadgets, even though we don’t really have space in our kitchen for what we have, let alone any more. The other day I was ordering some bits from M&S (thermal tops- that’s how I roll) and got distracted by the Homeware section (they had a mini cake stand on offer, but luckily I stayed strong and didn’t add it to my order).

The Homewares Company have a lot of durable kitchen ware on their website. Some of my top picks include this gorgeous cake tin: You can never have too many cake tins!

Typhoon Vintage Kitchen Blue Cake Tin

These cute pinch pots: (Think I would use them for different spices and maybe some pretty pink salt)

Typhoon Ching Pinch Pots; Set of 4

And best of all, this pretty teapot with infuser: Perfect for loose leaf tea.

Typhoon Ching Teapot With Infuser Open Lid

Seriously how pretty is that? Although Andy would be rather cross if I bought another teapot as we have about 6 I think. Excessive I suppose, but we have an individual one, a small one which we use most days at dinner, and a larger one that we use at the weekends for loose leaf tea. And then old ones that I can’t bare to throw away (one has penguins on it). And my gingerbread Christmas one.

Do you collect (or hoard) any kitchen gadgets?

*In collaboration with The Homewares Company, all opinions are my own.

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14 thoughts on “The Homewares Company”

  1. I love pretty kitchenware and could buy so much! My kitchen is relatively small here but if we move into the house we’ve been looking at I’ll have a lot more space and will no doubt buy a lot more kitchenware items!

    1. I have a hard time throwing things away- our penguin teapot has a little chip but I just can’t bring myself to throw it away!

  2. We’re actually not bad with kitchen gadgets. We tend to buy stuff that we use all the time. We just don’t have the space for ‘extra’ timesavers or pretty things (that I would love – that tea pot is gorgeous!). In our next house, when our kitchen is bigger, I will definitely be treating us to some cool things. Though my dad, bless him, has the tendency to randomly treat us to things we really don’t know…like a rice cuber? Or a mini (and I mean mini) chocolate melting microwave thing. He’s such a gadget hoarder.

    1. I often get given things like that as gifts- mainly baking related things that I have to store in our living room!

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