It’s easy being green

There is a green theme to this post in case you had not guessed.

Green section 1.

I tried the matcha tea from my beauty box parcel.

I am not a green tea fan at all- I do keep trying it in case I change my mind, but I find it bitter and weird tasting, not for me at all. I looked about on the internet and the consensus seemed to be that it went with creamy flavours, and lattes seemed to get thumbs up, so I went for that. I used Alpro soya light, as I think it froths up really well.

It was hard to get the powder out of the packet, especially as the pack contained 2 servings but it was all stuck to the sides, so I have no idea if I used the right amount. I heated the milk, added a little warm milk to the cup, frothed (love my aerolatte) and then added the rest of the milk. It frothed up so well it only just fitted in the cup!

It looks more grey than green in the photo, but it was bright green! It smelled more like normal black tea, and the taste was not bitter at all. I could not put my finger on the taste, and of course the soya milk tastes quite sweet, but it was nice enough. Not sure it gave me loads of energy (it is meant to give out a steady stream of caffeine instead of a big burst and then slump) but I got on with some baking and cleaning after that.

Lots of green froth left at the end!

It was quite hard to dissolve all the powder- I still had a few lumps in there. But I would have it again, now all I have to do is decide on how to have the second half of the packet.

Green section 2:

I made Laura’s fudgy avocado brownies.

I halved the recipe as I only had one avocado to use, and instead of walnuts (not my favourite) I added dried sour cherries and flaked almonds. I only cooked them for 30 minutes and they were pretty well done- I think my oven runs fairly hot.

I had one in the afternoon with a cup of tea and it was very good. You can’t taste the avocado (not that I thought I would be able to) but they are so rich and chocolatey. Of course, as Laura says, they are not exactly a health food, but compared to a brownie with white flour and plain sugar they measure up much better.

I am going to freeze the rest so I shall have a delicious brownie in stand by for when I fancy something sweet.

It has also persuaded me to try the chocolate avocado cup things I keep seeing on blogs- next time I have a ripe avocado anyway.

Have you tried something new recently? What shall I do with the other bit of matcha?

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8 thoughts on “It’s easy being green”

  1. I have never tried matcha tea. Sounds interesting! And actual green tea!! I used to eat green porridge when I added that grass powder stuff to it (for the life of me I can’t remember what the powder was – and I didn’t feel any different using it so didn’t buy it again).
    The avocado brownies did look absolutely scrumptious on Laura’s blog (and now yours too). I just never buy avocados as Ben hates them and I’m not crazy for them.

    1. I love avocado! The brownies were so good but almost a waste of avocado as you can’t taste it!
      Wheatgrass maybe? Hmm could try matcha porrige though thanks for the idea 🙂

    1. I didn’t find the taste too bad really- I could not quite place it but it wasn’t horrible (like spirulina!).

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