Treat Yo Self!

In the spirit of Parks and Rec (which if you don’t watch, then hunt it out as it is so funny), I would urge everyone to Treat Yo Self this weekend.

I won’t spoil it for you, but there is another very funny clip where Ben treats himself. Worth a google.

Anyway we don’t really celebrate valentine’s day, I think it is a bit cheesy and would rather celebrate days that belong to us, like our birthdays.  But this week has been tough at work, what with end of term assessments due, general end of term tiredness and two parents evenings. So after seeing Laura mention on her blog a box from Latest in Beauty- I ordered one for myself as it had some lovely treats in there including a little box of granola, some coconut water, a 30 day supply of multivitamins, a bounce ball (love those coconut ones) and a little sample of Teapigs matcha which I have always wanted to try. I also ordered a little set of shampoo and conditioner as they were on offer and will be great for travel.

It arrived yesterday, just in time for the weekend.

Last night I treated myself to some (Christmas) chocolates.

I needed the sugar to get me through to the end of the week! These are so good- a perfect mix of flavours with a mandarin one, brazil nut butter one, ginger and lime, almond praline and a cherry one. No yucky coffee/ weird strawberry ones that need avoiding so I don’t even need to read the “menu” I can just have a lucky dip! I had 3 and then today to celebrate 3 more when I got home.

So, what are you treating yourself to? What chocolates do you always avoid?

Have a lovely weekend <3


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12 thoughts on “Treat Yo Self!”

  1. Ooh, I have always wanted to try matcha too, but it’s so expensive! I would love to know what you think of it – would it be at all possible to do a little review?

    I think you more than deserve some treats – you work so hard!

    Hmm, I would eat all of the coffee chocolates you don’t like: they’re my favourites! I hate any fruit chocolates, non-dark varieties and boozy chocolates, but other than that I’m not fussy 😛


  2. I dislike Coffee flavours and hate chocolate orange and Turkish delight. Otherwise I’m good. Glad that you treated yourself 🙂 We treated ourselves to more afternoon tea 😀 delicious!

  3. I always avoid boozy chocolates (they are general TOOO boozy) and Turkish delight …. I just don’t like the taste on my palate.
    I’ve not treated myself to anything since before christmas, I’m actually surprised my local TkMaxx has not had to close 😉

    1. You need to change that! Yes I don’t like turkish delight that much (although makes me think of The Lion witch wardrobe) but never really see it in mixes any more.

  4. On our anniversary the last few years we started having treat yo self day in the spirit of parks and rec, where we just buy, do etc whatever we want- it is awesome! I bloody love parks and rec, Nick and me always laugh about it as Rob Lowe’s character always says or does things I do.

    1. Andy teases me about him too- in one episode Ben told Anne “if he gets a bit tetchy then give him a fig stuffed with chia seeds” or something, and loved the idea of his “beat the sun” run. Glad someone else shares the love for that show too! 🙂

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