Cleaning out the freezer

Hey peeps

This has been a very busy week! At the moment we get our shopping delivered on a Tuesday evening, and I had ordered a few bits to go in the freezer. I often freeze things but I never label them (should be a resolution really)- there were questionable baked goods from ages ago, and rather sadly I found a stollen that I think I made 2 years ago. Yup. So we had a good clear out.

I knew I had a busy week ahead so bought some bean burgers- they had a spice rating (I am sure it was called that) of mild, so I thought they would be OK. Along with some sweet potato fries and a salad, this was lovely (and hooray, not too spicy). I had some melon as a starter (well it would not have gone well on the plate I don’t think).

We also found this ice cream buried under bags of frozen fruit so we finished it. A benefit of not organising the freezer is nice surprises like this.

There has been some running this week- my legs were so stiff on Monday so I had a rest, then on Tuesday went out for an out and back 3 miles. I felt like I was going so slow, but each time I looked at my watch I was doing sub 10 min miles so actually not as slow as I felt. I got home and wondered if I should have attempted my time trial.

On Wednesday I was off to Sweatshop- I started off trying to keep up with the speedy girl, but that didn’t last too long (until the first traffic light- she can really speed away from a standing start). I ran with someone else and we both kept saying it was a bit fast for us, but we kept going. We managed an 8.31 and 8.45 miles (the others I am not sure as I started it on the way up so they are skewed by me stopping it partway through)- phew. We even managed to keep another girl in sight, and normally I can’t see her after the first mile, so that was good.

Last night I didn’t go to pump as we had a family thing. My only strength workout was carrying the huge pile of books, work and folders to my car, up my stairs (and this morning back to work). Although I am not sure I would have managed as the last two nights I have had so much to do- was up til half 12 last night so I think I would have had to skip pump anyway.

Tonight I am off to The Waffle House after work with some friends, so no running today. I am off to parkrun tomorrow, so hopefully my legs will be rested and I can have a real go at the time. Although I have also put down that I will run 10 miles this weekend- not sure if that is going to happen.

Are you good at cleaning out your freezer/ labelling what is in there? 

Had a good week?

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14 thoughts on “Cleaning out the freezer”

    1. I don’t mind a freezer surprise with cooked meals, but some things have been in there two years so it is a bit of a gamble if they are still OK or not”

  1. I’m pretty good with my freezer. I like to use up things and have space for when the shop comes. I tend to freeze things like tortillas, meat, bread, vegetables, sometimes raw eggs (scrambled in an airtight container) and lots of cake 🙂 If we run out of cake in the freezer we go and buy one and cut it up to stock up again. Sounds quite bad doesn’t it??

    1. I like your style with the cake! I am the opposite- I like making cakes too much so if we don’t eat it and I freeze it, by the time I fancy some I have probably made another one anyway!

  2. How do you get your sweet potato chips not to be all soggy? Every time I try to make them, they are limp and have no crunch (or even mild resistance) to them.

    Bad news – Peanut Butter B&Js also goes off, as I found out when I cleaned out my freezer this week! Boo!

    1. We go through phases of having tortillas in there- they come in packs of 8 but we only use 2 at a time!

  3. I kicked my freezer in anger last night cus it was too full to shut and I couldn’t be arsed to re arrange it- the plastic splintered and impaled my foot! Instant freezer karma.
    Yay for waffle house, park run, and sweatshop running, it sounds aweome!

  4. I have to say other then for a bag of ice a frozen fruit I don’t really use my freezer which is good cause its tiny and boyfriend has filled it with fishing bate : (

    My week has been good and I am looking forward to this weekends fun x

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