Chilling out

So, the Easter holidays are finally here. Hooray.

I did bring home a boot full of work, but I decided to have today totally off.

I was tempted by parkrun, but my brother was not going, and so I decided to not set the alarm and just head out on a run when I woke up- in the end I was out at about 9am anyway.

I saw these on offer in Waitrose the other week and thought they might be good for a pre run energy boost (or for taking along to half marathons with me). I had the blackcurrant one before I set off as I felt a little hungry. I headed into the fields and did just over 5 miles. It was pretty chilly to begin with and at first I was regretting my t-shirt, but of course after a couple of miles I was warm. It was windy out there though.

Earlier in the week Sainsbury’s sent me a lovely Easter picnic selection, including some hot cross buns. The Taste the Difference ones went into the freezer as their date was imminent (shows they are fresh), so this morning we had a gluten free one for breakfast.

I had one half with coconut butter and (home-made) blackcurrant jam, and lemon curd on the other. It was very tasty, although the glaze was very sticky!

I spent the day pottering about at home- doing the usual Saturday cleaning jobs, plus finally getting around to jobs like sorting out my drawer of running clothes- my clothes are back into neat piles although I am not sure how long it will last! I had to pop to town to get Andy a few bits, and had a chai latte to warm me up- my hands were so cold they had gone all red and itchy.

Andy is out and I had not really thought about dinner- we had some leftover sourdough so I mashed an avocado with some lime juice, basil infused oil and a little salt, and topped it on the toasted bread. That must be one of the best speedy meals ever!!! Could be improved by adding in some chopped tomato, but I didn’t have any (and didn’t think to buy any while I was out). Plus some tomato soup we had in the cupboard. I didn’t enjoy the soup much though- I used to love this soup so I am not sure why.

I then spent the evening re-purposing a Christmas cake for Andy’s birthday (he doesn’t read this!). Basically the other day I was tidying up and found a cake tin on the side- I thought it was empty but I picked it up to move it and it was heavy. Turns out there was a Christmas cake in there, complete with a Christmas tree decoration. I think I baked it to try out a recipe that Sainsbury’s sent me, but then I went ahead and made my normal batch of cakes, so forgot about it. Luckily he had requested a fruit cake for his birthday, so I just had to remove the Christmas tree and find a good way to hide the green stain on the white icing.

I found some cute minibeast cupcakes in the book I was sent, but thought they would look a little strange like that, so adapted them a bit. The ladybirds didn’t turn out too well, so they went in the bin.

But the bees look cute I think.

Well the eyes were very hard to make- the black icing warmed up so quickly and more of it stuck to my hands than the bees- one of them is wearing sunglasses I have decided.

At least now it looks like a birthday cake!

How do you like to spend your chill out days?

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18 thoughts on “Chilling out”

  1. Well done for taking the day off work! I ended up marking coursework all evening but fully intend on taking a few days off now!
    Those bees are very cute. It’s been sunny lately, so it’s very definitely OK for one of them to be sporting some sunglasses!

    1. We need a day off every now and then- the last few weeks have been so manic so I felt like my brain needed a rest!

    1. What do you put in a hot cross bun then? 😉
      I don’t like butter so always have something else like jam, peanut butter or lemon curd on toasted things.

  2. Like yours- with running and baking and pottering! I still haven’t made a Parkrun for ages, I’m like you were in that I’d rather have a little more of a lie in, then run a bit further from home. Perhaps I should tack on some more distance to the route.

    1. That is what I have done the last few times- parkrun, scan my chip then get my mp3 from the car and do a few more miles around the lake.

    1. I keep thinking I should make some, or in fact lime curd as that is my favourite, but I just buy it from the National Trust instead.

  3. I love my hot cross buns purely with butter (not marge) and nothing else; the saltiness from the butter offsets the sweetness from the fruit in the bun YUMMY just like that …. oh no, now I want one 😉

  4. I love that you randomly found a Christmas cake at home!! Hehe. That would never happen at mine. Any cake’s existence is very well known and doesn’t last long!
    The cake looks fantastic – I personally love the bee with sunglasses on 🙂

    1. It was from seeing you have them, or maybe you commented that you use them that made me try them 🙂 So thanks!

  5. Your cake decorations look great!
    My drawer of running clothes doesn’t stay tidy for long- I throw everything back after it’s been washed/dried and it’s soon in a mess again!

    1. I know, I am like that and it got to the point that I could not find what I needed as they were all tangled up- because so much of it is black too it makes it hard to work out what’s what!

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