Lake District goodies

So the Lake District seemed to be a bit of a haven of locally made produce, and I did buy rather a lot of goodies.

From Lakeland I bought some extracts for baking (peppermint, orange and rose), gorgeous mango licorice, a big tub of honey munchy seeds and another lunch cup (the pink thing- I have one which I use all the time for lunches as it can hold a salad, but the lid has a tab to pop open so if I heat something in the work microwave I don’t have to worry about anything).

I have been enjoying the seeds this week-  I bought some Alpro creamy yoghurts (which are so tasty) and had one with British strawberries (hooray- strawberry season is nearly here) and topped with seeds- so good.

I bought some jams- sweet cherry and strawberry with elderflower (thought that sounded really different), some cardamom and star anise, little beond bars and of course when I saw the chocolate marzipan I could not resist!

I also bought some gorgeous sticky toffee chocolates, a jar of chocolate orange curd (just want to try it) and a little pack of mini jars including Christmas jam and sticky toffee sauce.

I also bought my mum quite a few goodies, but I have kept them all wrapped up.

Both the B&B’s we stayed in used Pure Lakes toiletries including hand-wash, moisturiser, shampoo, shower gel and shower mousse (places that have big bottles that they refill always get bonus points from me too- the little bottles or new packets of soap are such a waste)- the first place had a rose and geranium scent which was amazing- I found some of the range in the shops but not that scent, so I might treat myself at a later date.

That was the bonus of taking the car too- chuck it in the boot each time I bought something new, and no worries about luggage allowance!

Weekend plans? 

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17 thoughts on “Lake District goodies”

  1. Yummy! I’ve been really into seeds at the moment too, they are so good with fresh fruit and yog. I love the look of that salad cup, I’m going to check it out as I’ve been having a problem with leaky and cumbersome lunch boxes recently – everything smells of apple cider vinegar at the moment thanks to my salad going everywhere :-(.
    No exciting plans for this weekend, I think we’ll be sorting, running and relaxing!

    1. Those plans sound good to me! Add in some baking and that sounds like my weekend plans 🙂
      The pots are really good- I think they are sold as soup cups, but they are good for anything really.

  2. Love picking up new goodies when I go away especially if its local stuff!

    I am working tomorrow then we are going to Dales sisters birthday dinner in the evening, Sunday a lazy day then dinner at my sisters, lots of fun to be had!

  3. I love foods like this, totally something I would buy. There is a sage apple jelly at the Farmers Market by me and it’s so delicious. I think I’ll buy it for my next turkey dinner!

    1. I saw a lot of nice jellies (like lavender ) but I didn’t know when I would eat them so I didn’t buy any. Your farmers market sounds lovely 🙂

  4. Excellent haul! It all sounds so lovely. Problem I have is I always buy things that sound yummy (like chutneys and jams) but I never use them in the end. I never have toast to put jam on or sandwiches to use the chutney with so I have quite a few jars that are just sitting in my cupboard! Ben prefers his toast with butter and sandiwches with mayo….But I still can’t help buying it! Oh dear.
    I must say I’m really not a big seed fan. I find them difficult to eat without getting them all over me (I’m such a mess) and not very satisfying. I think I’m more of a nut fan!

    1. I can be a bit like that but I like jam on scones or with peanut butter so we will use it slowly! I am like that with tea- I buy so much so even though we drink it a lot we can’t keep up with my buying!
      I like seeds for sprinkling on things but would not eat them on their own 🙂

  5. Pardon me while I just wipe the dribble from my iPad! Orange chocolate curd sounds nothing short of amazing! I am only allowed Munchy Seeds once a year at our county show otherwise I would eat far too many of them. I think I have managed to try all of them over the last few years, with my favourite ones being the chilli seeds.

    Weekend plans are run, washing, hoovering and I am seeing Blake with my mum tomorrow night (no idea who they are). Hope you have a nice weekend 🙂

  6. I love stocking up on finds like this. Looks like you got quite a haul! Chocolate marzipan would have been my weakness and I wouldn’t have stuck to just one packet! I’m not a massive fan of seeds, or bars made of seeds. I find they get everywhere, and stuck in my teeth and I would just genuinely prefer meals without them. I do like limited amounts on top of soft bread rolls though. 🙂

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