Stuff and bits

Things I have taken photos of.


An okobay coconut ice lolly with blackberries, peach and a sprinkling of granola. Post body pump cool down.


Sourdough toast with lemon curd, and pb/jam, plus salted almonds. A post long run lunch.


Purple and orange sweet potato crisps from M&S. Another post long run snack- we shared them one Saturday. Love something salty after a run in the sun. I had never seen purple sweet potatoes before. Tasty, but not as good as sweet potato popchips (WHEN ARE THEY COMING HERE????)


Buckwheat pancakes with peanut butter and doughnut peaches. Probably a post long run breakfast- I can’t remember!


A gorgeous package from Urban Fruit (exciting giveaway coming soon)…


My package Included this cool t-shirt. It is more of an orange colour (the first photo looks more like it) and I love it.


Blue nail varnish (Essie Mesmerize) that matches my new purse (not on purpose I must add!). I love my navy nail polish (another Essie one) but it is a bit too dark for the summer. I love this shade- like the sea on a beautiful summer day. I have not even moved all my bits over to my new walletย yet- I shall save that job for the weekend.

After my half on Sunday I went for a sports massage on Monday which helped loads. On Tuesday I did a “naked”(no technology) run due to my Garmin not being charged, so I think I did about 3 miles but I am not sure. I don’t often look at it when I run anyway, but at least I was not even tempted to. It was so windy though! My legs felt better than I thought they would.

Anyone else end up with a pile of random photos? Sometimes I wonder why I even took the photo…

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12 thoughts on “Stuff and bits”

    1. Yes the flavour comes through. We also tried some which were flavoured with soy and balsamic and they were good.

  1. Love finding random photos. Usually happens when Ben takes a photo and I forget to ask him for it.
    I’ve only seen those sweet potato pop chips in some Starbucks. I hvent tried them yet – I’m really addicted to Snack a Jacks sadly!

    1. What??? So Exciting! I have seen the BBq ones with deceptively have similar coloured packets, but not sweet potato! Exciting!!

    1. The nail varnish is not as deep as my proper navy stuff, but I think the dark stuff is better for the winter anyway. And then my Mum won’t call me a goth! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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