Well, maybe not excuses. Some of them are good reasons.  I will let you be the judge.

Since the Ashridge Trail half (over a week ago) I have only run a couple of times.

And here are my reasons/ excuses.

Monday- Sports massage after work. Marking to do after that. A bit too achy to run. Plus I had a headache (seem to get these often after the sports massage).

Tuesday- Gentle run on my own- a couple of miles. No time for any more as marking to do.

Wednesday- Gave Sweatshop a miss as hadn’t had an email saying what sessions it would be- knew I would not manage a speed or hills session as I was still a bit achy. Andy persuaded me to go to the cinema (we saw Chef, it was great- I smiled the whole way through- go and see it). More marking when I got home.

Thursday- Went to Pump. Yet more marking to do after that finished.

Friday- Planned a run after work but came home with an awful headache (I had been up until about midnight each night that week, so I think I was just over tired). Painkillers + tea + listening to the radio was what was needed.

Saturday- Walked around Bath all day. Yet again ended up with a bad headache.

What a beautiful beach! We walked along here for about 90 minutes

Sunday- Went for a walk along a beach. Was going to have a run when we got home, but I hadn’t eaten lunch and had only had a couple of cups of tea to drink all day, so decided against it.

Monday- Went for a run! Hooray! Well done me! I left work late and again had a pile of work to do, and as I was driving the excuses started to creep in- I could always go tomorrow instead….. but I knew I would feel better in the end, so headed out for a quick 3 miles. I did get a bit creeped out by a man running- he overtook me and as he ran past me he kept his head facing mine until I properly caught his eye, and then he saluted me. That was not too bad (although I only normally smile or say hi to runners who are going in the other direction, not normally to people who overtake me). But then he ran on around the road, and I went off into the fields, only to be overtaken by him again about 5 minutes later. That did freak me out a bit so I quickly headed back!

These are the cows with the big scary horns! Luckily they were behind a fence, but sometimes we run through that field and I hate it when they are near the path. 

Tuesday- No run. But aside from a break for dinner and to pop to collect something I had ordered from the shop, I worked solidly until 10pm. So I am not sure when I would have fitted one in.

So basically, life has been busy. Now I know that of course I could get up earlier in the morning to squeeze one in, but it would have to be stupidly early to fit in a shower after, and I don’t think I can function on any less sleep, so that would not be wise. At the end of the day, I run because I enjoy it. I also run because it keeps me healthy, but at the moment a little more sleep, and a little rest (when I can find it) is what I actually need.

I have a 10K race this weekend, but I am going to enjoy it and am not expecting a pb- you can’t get much flatter than the Brighton 10K that I did before, and I have not been working on my speed recently. In the autumn I have a few races already booked in, so I might even follow a training plan (oooh, get me) but at the moment I want to enjoy running and not feel any pressure.

And now, what I really need is to get ready for bed!

Do you always follow plans or do you make things up as you go along? What do you do about exercising when life gets busy?

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14 thoughts on “Excuses”

  1. I think how you approached your week was the most sensible. There’s absolutely no point in pushing yourself out the door for the sake of just clocking up some miles. My dad always tells me (when I get stressed about running) that primarily I do it fun and so it should be fun. Why make it harder than it is? It sounds like you had so much going on that adding a forced run in there would have stressed you out further.
    I’m currently waking up stupidly early (5am sort of times) to get my runs in. But this is only because I know if I try and run in the evening I just won’t feel motivated by the time I get home from work. I’m tired, want food and sofa time. But I don’t mind getting up early at all. I much prefer it.
    I love doing races and not worrying about times or trying to get a PB. I enjoy them so much more! Good luck 🙂

  2. Until you want to start a training plan for year end just enjoy your running without pressure of times or particular secession …. that and I can smell summer holidays coming on – it’s not long now 🙂
    ps are you drinking lots of water and/or herbal tea?? may explain headaches??

    1. Yes, I had been drinking a lot- I think it was tiredness as it was that horrible foggy feeling.
      Yes 3 weeks to go until the summer- hooray! Nearly there 🙂

  3. Sorry to hear about the headaches, hope they have diapered now. I think your approach is just right. You are doing what you can during such a busy period. I wouldn’t stress over it, just be happy with what you have achieved that week.

  4. Sounds like you’ve been super busy, think you made the right decision not to run as much particularly with the headaches- hope they have cleared up! I’m not following a training plan for Berlin at the moment, but rather winging it, that’s when I actually get back running!!

    1. Hope you get back running properly soon.
      I quite like winging it too, although I think for my races next year I might follow a proper plan. Maybe 🙂

  5. I deffinatley agree with some of the above commenters. Don’t push yourself for the sake of just clocking up miles. If your not enjoying runs, don’t do them just for the sake of putting your body under stress – do them for the enjoyment or not at all. Sending love girlie!

    1. Thanks 🙂 Yes I think I was being sensible- I will get back to a regular routine soon I hope.

  6. I don’t think there are any excuses and you’ve hardly been a couch potato – lots of walking and working! I often have to accept the above with work and while I could get up earlier etc it would leave me destroyed after a short while. Do what you can, when you can – that’s what I always tell myself.

  7. I don’t think they are ‘excuses’ at all, I always think theres a level when pushing yourself to exercise is counterproductive, its up to each of us to figure what works for us and by the sounds of it I think you need a rest and some TLC! Glad you enjoyed the cinema 🙂

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