Tea and granola

I was kindly sent a few products to try recently- you guessed it, tea and granola. They were sent to me in exchange for a review.

Of course I jumped at the chance to try some “teapees” from Higher Living- they sent me some Earl Grey and their Power blend.

The Earl Grey was gorgeous.

The steam made the picture go all fuzzy!

The tea contains organic black tea, bergamot oil and rose petals for a delicate flavour.

The Earl Grey is wonderful. I love Earl Grey anyway, but some of them don’t have a very strong bergamot flavour, but as soon as I opened the packet I could smell it. It reminded me of when you have Earl Grey chocolate- that lovely citrus smell. They have also added rose petals for some prettiness. I don’t let it brew for long as I don’t like that stewed taste, but the temple meant that it brewed in super quick time.


The Power blend contains Yerba Mate (I don’t know what that is- I googled it and apparently it is a member of the holly family that is high in caffeine), organic spearmint, cocoa shells and ginkgo. It was also rather delicious- it had a lovely minty flavour with a sort of peppery aftertaste (basically less sweet than normal mint tea) and I really enjoyed it. Because of the caffeine content I would keep this for the mornings generally. I love the tea temples/ teapees too- they really do mimic the flavour of loose leaf tea.

I was also sent some On The Go granola pouches from Lizi’s granola.


These are little individual pouches of granola (I was sent Original, Treacle Pecan and Belgian Chocolate flavours), with added powdered milk (lactose free), so the idea is that you can open the pouch, add water and then eat. The packets even some with a little spoon.

IMG_5700I don’t eat my breakfast on the go, but if you did I am sure they are a better option than buying something from a fast food place or whatever. I had mine in bowls and they looked rather small! But then granola usually does! I generally have granola with some fruit, and had this with a chopped apple. Like the other Lizi’s granola products, these were delicious. Although I am not vegan, I am not a huge fan of dairy products, and like to opt for mostly organic, so a dairy free option would be a good addition in my opinion.

When browsing on their website I came across some little single serving sachets (the Pink Apple and Cinnamon one is here) so that is an option if you don’t want the milk powder.

Where do you eat your breakfast? I always have mine at home-usually in the week I am really hungry when I wake up so I could not imagine waiting until I got to work (and then it is not as if I sit at a desk or anything).

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15 thoughts on “Tea and granola”

  1. Scrambled egg on toasted seeded Genius bread seems to be my standard at the moment. I’m not good at breakfast on the go. When I worked up in London I’d eat rubbish because I would be so hungry.

    1. Andy likes scrambled eggs- they seem like such a good option but I just can’t like eggs like that.

  2. I love Tea and Granola! Earl Grey is one of my favorites as well. I usually eat my granola mixed with fruit and yogurt. For breakfast I like to make an omelet. On days I am home that is my go to breakfast. When I’m on the run I usually whip up a breakfast smoothie.

    1. I like a smoothie but they are for when I have time, as my blender takes a while to clean and sort out

  3. Those teas look delicious Maria, I love Higher Living teas – just the normal boxed ones – but it is lovely to splash out on the luxury versions sometimes! My breakfasts alternative quite a bit, I’m not the best breakfast eater. Coconut yog, fruit and raw granola is a fave, along with apple muffins and of course banana pancakes with nut butter and fruit at the weekends. Though I have to admit many days I just grab a nakd bar and fill up at lunch :-s

  4. I am a fan of granola with yogurt and fruit from time to time in the mornings. Breakfast tends to be the first thing I do each morning. It’s probably my main motivation to get out of bed!!!

    1. Yes it is really pretty. The sweet chai sounds good- I shall look out for them next time I am shopping.

  5. I’m not a fan of granola at all really. Well it’s not that I don’t like it, I could quite happily snack on it dry (not a fan of cold milk on cereal)…it’s just I don’t find it as filling. Like you said, the portions can be quite small and though I know the calories are all probably there psychologically it looks less filling. I love my hot porridge as it’s such a huge bowl and it’s so filling and delicious. I’m not sure I’ll ever change…
    The Early Grey Tea sounds tasty. But I’m not a fan of spearmint at all! I prefer peppermint. But I like the sound of the teas in general though.

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