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I love to have a snack in my bag “just in case”. I love fruit as a snack (or carrot sticks and hummus) but if I don’t have it the same day that sort of thing goes bad/ gets squashed very quickly, and of course some things have to be refrigerated. I was clearing out my school bag this week and found several clif bars, a pulsin’ bar and a mini packet of dried mango. But at least they can go back in my drawer and will be fine another day.

I was very happy when I was offered a box of Nakd bars to review on the blog. They make the perfect handbag snack. In case you have been living in a cloud, nakd bars are a blend of dried fruits, nuts and natural flavours “smooshed” together. The cocoa mint one (my favourite) contains dates, cashews, raisins, cocoa and natural flavour. 

2014-08-11 11.41.19I love nakd bars. My local Sainsbury’s used to stock the apple pie bars in boxes of 4, and that used to be my treat as I loved the apple/cinnamon flavour, and when they started doing the gluten free cocoa ones I was completely sold. I have used their website quite a bit (and sometimes the nakd pixie even includes a little extra sample)- delivery is free and they so sampler boxes so you can try all the flavours.

As I mentioned before, the cocoa mint one of my favourite, but a close second is the gingerbread (made with dates, almonds, pecans, ginger, cloves & cinnamon )- spicy! I like their smaller size, and I often have one in my bag as an after school snack- they are good with a cup of tea. When I was marathon training (all those years ago) nakd bars were one of the few foods I found I could eat whilst running too.

Because of the ingredients they are not super high in protein (around about 3g per bar) but they also sell Trek Protein Bars which are similar to the nakd bars but with added soya protein crispies. We always used to take some of the Peanut and Oat ones on holiday, as they made a great hiking snack.

They do come up with new flavours all the time- the latest once being their Protein Crunch bars (5.5g protein per little bar), so I thought I would give them some more ideas:

Cocoa gingerbread

Cocoa cherry

Sour cherry

Peanut butter

Chocolate peanut butter

Almond/ cocoa almond (I am imaging a delicious marzipan flavour here)

Spiced chai/ vanilla chai


What flavour would you like them to make next?

* I was sent these for free and was asked to include a link to the site, all opinions are my own

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16 thoughts on “Handbag snacks”

  1. I LOVE the nakd bars! I tried one after Lauren mentioned them about a month ago now and immediately went back and bought several 4 packs! I’m in love with the choco orange ones and had one every ten miles on my recent 70miler. When I get back to England though I’m planning on trying the rest of the flavours. They are so moreish!

  2. Im in love with nakd bars – I’ve been a fan of them ever since they came out in the uk over 3 years ago. They are THE perfect snack!

  3. Peanut would definitely get my vote! I wonder if a peanut butter jelly flavour could be created. I am also a fan of Nakd bars and have bought from them direct before which definitely makes them cheaper than buying from Tesco.

    1. Yes peanut butter jelly sounds great! I love buying them direct but then I have to store a lot of bars at home!

  4. I love the nakd brand. I love those Bites as well – but they are sooo moreish. I would literally have to count out a few bits, then quickly put the pack away otherwise I’d just consume waaay too many. I think the cocoa mint would be my favourite too. Though maybe a salted caramel would be nice??

    1. Salted caramel, good plan!
      I had a bag of those bites and really liked them too- I had forgotten about them. You could just get a nakd bar and cut it into pieces instead?

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