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Now, when you are running it is really important to look after your feet. Luckily I don’t normally get blisters but sometimes I find a blister on my little toe (or I lose my little toenail- the last time I lost one was doing the Bath Half and since then I read that it can take toenails 2 years to properly regrow! Oops. I just cover it up with nail polish). I do have some foot lotion but only tend to use it when I remember (or when I have a bit more time)I was recently sent some foot goodies from the folks at Scholl so my feet are very happy at the moment!

2014-08-13 19.52.34They sent me some party feet heel cushions, some invisible gel cushions and some velvet smooth intense serum.

Now, I am not much of a party animal. I am more of an in-my-pajamas-by-9.30pm sort, and I don’t wear heels, but I do like wearing pumps which are not the best for your feet either.  So I decided to put the heel cushions into a pair of pumps to see how they would do.

2014-08-14 12.04.50

I treated these as if they were some shoe insoles and was pleased with the result. I walked all around town for about an hour and a half (I was meeting some friends for afternoon tea, and two of us turned up 90 minutes early!)- and my feet felt fine. They slot into the heel area really easily, and did provide more cushioning than the soles of the pumps provide on their own. I have actually left them in my shoes for a few days now and they have been fine. It does say on the packet that both the heel and ball cushions are re-usable, and you can hand wash them, which is pretty good too. Having never used anything like this before I was quite impressed.

When looking at the lotion at first I was a bit worried, as it says on the box that it contains green caviar. Being a vegetarian I try to avoid any animal products but I don’t always remember to check the ingredients (I remember being shocked when I found a hand cream, Dove I think, that contained gelatin), but this was splashed on the front of the box. However some googling revealed that it is in fact some sort of seaweed, so perfectly vegetarian.

The serum is lovely- not greasy and it absorbed really quickly- I like to put my socks on soon so I hate having to wait for a lotion to sink in. I only needed a small blob (that is some specific lingo for you right there) so even though the bottle is small (30ml) it will last me a while.

Having something like this just reminds me to be careful of my feet in general. I think we can take them for granted, your feet carry you around all day, so spending a few minutes rubbing on some lotion is surely worthwhile.

Do you look after your feet? Do you wear heels? 

* I was sent these products in return for an honest review which included some links. All opinions are my own.


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16 thoughts on “Treat your feet”

  1. I have since stopped wearing heels that much this year after I sprained my ankle during Reading half marathon this year. To be honest, like you, I don’t really go out partying that much to warrant excessive heel-wearing. And if I wore heels to work I think I’d get laughed at as it’s so laid back – I wear denim shorts to work in the summer! I only wear heels now if I go to a wedding. Even if I have to dress smartly for work on the rare occasion I just wear flats.
    I wear orthotics in my running trainers as I’m so flat footed and need the support and I have a spare pair of orthotics that I slip into my pumps or other flat shoes for when I’m just walking round which helps a lot I find.
    Those Party Feet products sound good for a quick fix though when your feet are a bit sore!

    1. Shorts to work that is Andy’s dream ! I think orthodics in flat shoes is sensible as pumps have no support.

  2. My feet could do with some TLC, I used to wear really high heels on nights out, now no chance! I do have wide feet so often shoes will pinch, something I’m trying to do is find good quality ones that will fit them better 🙂

    1. Yes when you are a child you always have the width of feet measured too, but then once you are an adult it is just down to the length which seems crazy!

    1. I always have the polish rub off one toe before all the others. You are on your feet all day long for your job so I am not surprised.

  3. Im only 23 and my friends laugh at me but I ALWAYS wear insoles in my shoes! I actually don’t understand people that can wear flat shoes without some sort of padding in them!

    1. Yes, I normally have skechers or something which are pumps but have a bit more of a trainer sole so more supportive.

    1. Well I didn’t realise until I read ithow long toe nails take to grow back as often the pressure in the trainers destroys the nail bed too.

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