Autumn baking

So, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, I have rather a lot of apples from my apple tree. They are quite nice to eat on their own, but I prefer them baked.

On Sunday evening I had some time to myself so I decided to do some baking, although up first was something else:

2014-09-28 16.57.14After seeing Laura post this recipe I knew I had to have a go. Salted Almond Butter Fudge- so many good words in one recipe!

It was quick to make- I used the microwave to melt the coconut oil, and then left it to harden in the fridge while I had a run. When I got home I had a nibble, but it was not quite hard enough to properly slice. It is so good though.

2014-09-28 18.51.07



A few pieces with some earl grey tea for a pre-evening-work boost.2014-09-29 18.51.54

Next up, Caramel Apple bars. I had made these before, but copied the recipe down wrong so had to have a google before I could get started. The original is here– these are a bit of a sugar bomb, but the smell when they bake is gorgeous with the apples and cinnamon. I did use coconut sugar instead of brown sugar to make a token effort!

2014-09-28 21.45.08

Instead of making the caramel sauce for the top, I used some from a jar as I bought some in the Lake District last Easter and have not used it yet!

2014-09-29 21.28.15These are so good. The oats make it a sort of gooey flapjack texture, and the cooked apple and spices are just delicious with the caramel.

Next up, I fancy something with blackberries. I saw a lovely cake in a tearoom which had blackberries smushed into the buttercream, and although I am not a huge fan of buttercream, it did look very pretty.

What’s next on your baking list?

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10 thoughts on “Autumn baking”

  1. I love baked apples! Ok, I used to cheat and microwave them… still good! Great idea to use coconut sugar in that recipe – I really need to get some myself!

    I’ve got SO much on my baking list but so little time to bake ’em! One thing I do have planned this weekend is a carrot cake – if it’s any good it’ll be up on the blog 😉

    1. Oooh yummmy! I have some carrots too- I was going to have carrot and hummus sandwiches for lunch but could not be bothered to grate them so might have to make a carrot cake instead!

  2. As you can probably imagine I prefer to eating apples straight than them baked. I do enjoy apple pie and things like that but nothing beats a crisp cold apple in my book!
    The recipes do sound very tasty though.
    Baking? God I haven’t done that in so long… maybe I’ll get my apron on again at some point! Watching the GBBO does inspire me a little…

  3. I love the sound of Laura’s fudge it’s definitely on the todo list, that apple recipe does sound pretty sweet but I bet it tastes good!

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