The Sock Mine (review) and other running ramblings

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2014-11-01 11.14.39First up, I was sent some socks from The Sock Mine. They make a range of technical socks for different sports including running, hiking and even snow sports. They kindly sent me a pair of their Cool Runner with Coolmax ladies socks. First up, I love that they have the L and R marked on each sock.

2014-11-04 18.02.41

I decided to wear these on Tuesday night, when I went for a trial at a local running club. They were comfy, but they are fairly thin, so I think they will be perfect for warmer weather. I like the ankle style sock too (no gaps between my leggings and socks) but they do trainer liner style ones too if that is more your thing. The price is reasonable too- Β£10 for these socks, which is pretty similar to other technical socks out there.

So, the running trial. I decided to go this week as I had a course (which finished at 4) soΒ it would not be a rush to get there after work. Well, I chose a pretty miserable day to do it- it was pouring with rain and pretty cold. I parked up about ten minutes before we were due to meet, and sat in the car for a bit but then didn’t want to be late! Only two people turned up (including the group leader). After we did a little warm up we started running and after a few minutes I was asked to run ahead of the group leader so she could assess me. Straight away she talked about trying to relax my shoulders- I know I am terrible at this but it was so interesting that she picked up on it right away!

After about a mile of gentle jogging we did a section of intervals/ fartlek running- we used lamp posts to walk to one, jog to the next and sprint to the final one- repeated several times. Those sprints were tough! Then we ran steadily back- I was a bit faster than the other person who came, so I was then told to run ahead two lamp-posts, turn around and come back. At one point I saw a baby hedgehog too- made it all worth it!

We finished with stretches (luckily the rain had eased) and I really felt a warm glow by that point. I think I am going to join anyway- how exciting!

I went to Sweatshop on Wednesday as usual- lots of fireworks were going off while we ran which was quite fun. Normally I am nearer the back, but a friend and I were right at the front – she is a bit faster than me so eased ahead at the very end, but I was pleased I kept up with her for that time, and even managed one mile beginning with an 8- not too shabby!

In half term I made some caramel shortcakes for work:

2014-11-02 20.08.04

I didn’t have enough of the round cases, so I made a few in little loaf cases too. On Thursday night I went to pump- last week I upped my squats weight and my legs were so sore over the weekend. I was going to wimp out, but once I was there I decided to go for it again- I reasoned that after a break the first week is always the toughest, so probably it would be the same with upping weights.

2014-11-06 20.53.54


It was super tough, and I enjoyed a cake when I got home. At least at the moment my legs are not as bad as they were last weekend.

This morning I went to parkrun- I tried to keep up with my dad for as long as possible, but at around 4k he went ahead. It was so muddy and squelchy- I was glad of my trail shoes but at times I was slipping a bit. My Garmin said 29.07 (which I think is quite accurate as I pressed “start” as they said it and not as I went over the start line) which would have been a course pb, but alas the timer malfunctioned so I got 59.59 as my official time. Ah well, it was a great morning for it- cool but before the rain. I even met someone from Sweatshop there (and another couple were marshaling).

2014-11-08 10.33.42

Then I had a go at making pumpkin french toast- an egg, a blob of pumpkin, cinnamon and a splash of almond milk with some brioche.

2014-11-08 10.38.46

Apples cooked in coconut oil.

2014-11-08 10.45.06

Then the toast (although I think maybe it would be better to cook the apples after).

2014-11-08 10.54.39

Oh yes. I think the recipe needs a little less pumpkin as it didn’t soak into the bread as much, but it was good all the same.

How has your week been? If you are in a running club, what do you like about it? Do you like ankle socks or trainer liner socks? (And do you like the L/R markings?)

* I was sent the socks in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.Β 

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9 thoughts on “The Sock Mine (review) and other running ramblings”

  1. So glad you enjoyed your trial at the running club. Joining my running club was one of the best decisions I’ve made.
    I used to wear running socks every time I headed out on a fun but my feet used to get incredibly hot. I’m very lucky in that I don’t really get blisters so now I often just wear regular socks.

    1. I get blisters pretty easily – I think I must have very thin skin or something!
      I am looking forward to more runs with the club πŸ™‚

    1. I have not heard of them – they look good.
      It was tasty, and caramel shortbread is one of my faves πŸ™‚

  2. I love my running club. I don’t get out to run with them as much as I used to but I love the support and knowing so many runners at races and parkrun. I just love the banter and how teamy it all is. Great source of information and advice as well πŸ™‚ Glad you’re going to join one – I’m sure you’ll really love it.
    Ahhhh a baby headge hog how cute!! I’ve seen a hedgehog but never a baby one.
    The socks look great. I’m always loathe to buy socks as they’re so expensive and a bit of a boring thing to get hehe. Ideal stocking fillers though (ironically so!)

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