Starbucks freaked me out!!!

But as you will see, it has not stopped me visiting them…

Recently I have been having a Monday morning treat of a visit to Starbucks on my way to work- I am out of class and always have a mountain of paperwork to get through, so it is a nice treat.

They normally ask for your name now (did anyone see Dave Gorman’s thing about that? Worth a hunt on Dave if you didn’t- Modern Life is Goodish), but one week they didn’t ask me. When I got back to my car I noticed that they had written my name- creepy! I think this was my 5th Monday- not as if I was in there all the time!

2014-10-13 08.06.03Excuse the chipped nail varnish!

Later that week I was sent an email saying that I could get a bakery item for half price, and double stars. Andy was out on Thursday evening which meant cooking my own dinner before body pump, and I left work pretty late. I decided to pop on my way home to get a pre-pump drink, and a post-pump treat.

2014-10-09 18.05.11I did have a sensible dinner I promise!

2014-10-09 18.14.07

Yummy bean and mint falafels with salad and hummus.

2014-10-09 21.03.15

And this was waiting for me when I got home.

2014-10-18 18.39.31

Then the other weekend after the 15k race (and slightly tricky journey home) I had to dash back to work on Saturday evening as there was a disco. By the time that finished it was after 6pm but Andy would not be back from football for another hour at least, so I popped in for a drink, and got us a cinnamon roll to share. When I got home I lay on the sofa with my laptop- what luxury! (Spot the glo-bracelet I was given at the disco!)

2014-10-23 19.59.33

However, the staff redeemed themselves in the final week of half term. We had consultation evenings for two nights, which are just such tiring evenings (on top of full days of teaching) and by Thursday I was so tired, losing my voice, I got into my car to come home and realised I needed petrol. I drove to the petrol station near work, only to see it was all cordoned off. It was right by Starbucks, so I popped in for a drink to take home. I am sure I smiled (and I always say please and thank you) but I think I must have looked like I needed cheering up, as it was only when I got home that I noticed that someone had drawn a smiley. Starbucks staff take note- I much prefer a smiley to my name.

The petrol saga continued on Friday morning- I went to Asda before work, but it was cordoned off. Never mind, I thought, there is a new petrol station opening along the dual carriageway on my way to work, I can just go there. Well, when I got there the sign said “now open”, but the entrance was still fenced off! Argh! Luckily the petrol lasted until Saturday when I finally managed to find an open one!

Are you a fan of the name-on-the-cup fad? Any shops where you are a regular?

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15 thoughts on “Starbucks freaked me out!!!”

  1. That’s so funny – you must have made an impression! Probably because you are usually smiley, I often see people being so grumpy in coffee shops.
    So I used to go into a Caffe Nero pretty much every weekday for a while and got to know one of the baristas well. He was always sneaking me free drinks and cakes and I was gutted when he said he was moving to London.
    I went in on his last day – a Saturday with my Mum and he ran round the counter, gave me two free slices of cake and a giant hug. We’re now Facebook friends.. It’s just weird how these things end up!

  2. It always freaks me out when people remember me even though I often have no idea who they are and it turns out we’ve only met once and/or very briefly. It’s happened since I was a kid and I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone forget my name. My Dad always says it’s because I have a memorable face and then I make some negative jibe about why my face sticks in so many memories 😛

    I love your little panda socks (at least I think they’re socks…or perhaps gloves. They are adorable either way)!


  3. Haha it’s quite an American thing isn’t it? I think us Brits aren’t so keen on this “chumminess”. I find it so awkward at my local Costa next to works (I go there probably twice a week) and they say “you want your regular?” now which always freaks me out… But they don’t write your name so they don’t know who I am yet 😉

  4. I’m not sure how comfortable I would be with the coffee shop guys remembering my name. I hate how awkward it gets with fake conversation at the hairdressers once I’ve been a few times. The lady that styled my hair for my wedding is the only one I really feel comfortable with, as she has been styling mine and my friends’ hair for several years now but she’s over in Norfolk near my parents.
    I don’t think I have ever had a takeaway drink from Starbucks as I don’t like coffee or tea. I do like hot chocolate but it’s not a several times a week thing. I like the idea of a smiley face on the cup though!

  5. They always ask my name but it is usually completely wrong for some reason Tamzin is very hard to understand?!

    I visit my local Nero quite a bit do they know exactly what I order but I don’t mind that : )

  6. Haha so funny! I always go into the same coffee shops here where I live and they always remember what I have and my name, I find it the cutest thing!

    1. I suppose if I recognised the barristas it might be different, but there always seems to be someone different so I wasn’t sure who remembered!

  7. That’s so funny. I don’t ever go in to Starbucks, occasionally I will go into Costa for Chai Latte, but I don’t think they write on the cups there.

  8. I like the smiley face, but I’m not 100% sure about the name thing. However, one thing that creases me up every time is the “Phteven” thing (google it if you haven’t seen it – same thing but with McDonalds).

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