A belated Christmas trip to London

Last Saturday we were off to London. Andy had told me to keep the day free for a day trip, so I got up early and did a 3 mile run before heading out (gotta keep the Jantastic score going on). (On a side note, I told my dad the previous week that I couldn’t make parkrun because of our day out, and my dad said to me “parkrun and then breakfast at The Waffle House would be what I would arrange for you”- he knows me so well!). We got the train into London, and then shared a chai latte to warm up before wandering over to the Thames, and finally going to see this:

2015-01-24 13.10.44

It turned out we had tickets to go up to the Sky Garden. It was such a lovely day- cold but pretty clear skies.

2015-01-24 13.19.51

Good views of The Shard.

2015-01-24 13.07.21And of the Tower of London- you got such a good idea of how the building was set out. There was an outdoor bit, but it isn’t opening for a few weeks or something.

After having a wander, we went back down and got the train into somewhere more central. A bit more walking, and then we went to Mildred’s for lunch. Andy had looked into good veggie restaurants in London, and it was only when we got there that I realised I had been with a friend a few years ago. It was lovely- I had the burger special which was beetroot, smoked tofu and something, and of course sweet potato fries. Mmmmmm.

After that we walked around a bit more, before going to The British Museum for some culture.

2015-01-24 16.06.05

And some cake. We would usually share cake, but we decided that we had done so much walking we could stretch to a slice each.

By the time we got home we were both pretty shattered. We were so lucky with the weather though- this Saturday has been rubbish in comparison. A great day out and a fab Christmas present.

Also, thanks for everyone who entered the eggs competition. The winner is Claire @ Flake and Cake, so if you would send me an email then I can sort out your prize.

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11 thoughts on “A belated Christmas trip to London”

    1. You have to book in advance but the tickets are free- worth a look.
      I really like Mildred’s too- lots of choice which I normally don’t get!

    1. It had some bad press, but I thought it was worth a visit- we didn’t spend long up there, but there were restaurants so you could have spent longer.

    1. Yes it’s not too far from Brighton- that’s why we go to Brighton so often as it is quite easy with the train.

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