Sorting out my sports clothes

I have a drawer that I keep my sports things in, and recently it had got to the state where I could not even close it.

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It got very frustrating, and so annoying when I wanted to wear a certain top but could not find it. It was going to be one of my holiday jobs, but I didn’t quite get around to it.

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After Christmas I treated myself to a few more items, mainly because sometimes we have not done a wash in time for all my kit to be clean. I read a rather disgusting statistic in a magazine that said most people wear their gym kit 3 times before washing it! I might wear a jacket a few times if I have tops on underneath, but everything else goes in the wash right away!

Anyway, buying more things meant I had to make space! So a few weeks ago I sorted out a bag of clothes that I don’t wear any more, and sorted out the drawer.

2015-01-22 18.32.55

So much better than the shove-it-all-in approach that I was employing.

I also found out that I have more running tights than I realised, so I thought I would rank them:

  • Thoosa are my absolute favourites. The zipped pocket is big enough for my phone (which I use to listen to podcasts on solitary runs), the fabric is soft and warm, they have ankle zips so they fit well at the bottom, and they have a drawstring so they don’t slip down. The waistband is lovely and wide, although it is quite high one me. The only downside is their price, but I try to get them on sale, and also they last years so I feel they are worth it. I have tried their capris but wasn’t so keen, but the full length tights I love love love.
  • Karrimor ones are OK. The pocket is a good size, and again zipped. The long ones have zips on the ankles but the fit is not snug so I don’t use them. The fabric feels thin and is not good for icy days. They do have a drawstring but it isn’t very long on some of them. I love the colours of them. They were super cheap (£6 a pair) so who cares if they don’t last too long I suppose.
  • Nike ones are good (I have the filament ones), although I have capris and not tights. Again the zipped pocket is a good size, the fabric feels substantial, and the drawstring means they fit well. They are expensive and not as good as the Thoosa ones, but if they were in a sale I would probably get some full length ones too.
  • Sia ones are a good fabric, good length for me (so probably too short for some), but only have weird velcro side pockets so no good for anything apart from tissues really. No zipped pocket or ankle zips. The waist band is nice and wide. I keep them for body pump.
  • Fat Face ones- a disappointment. I got them in the sale (straight front leggings), but even then I don’t think they are worth it. For one, the fit is awful. I got a small size as Fat Face things tend to be quite large, and running tights should be snug. They were very very tight, but then there was no drawstring on the waist so had I got a larger size they would be falling down as I ran. They have one zipped pocket which is so tiny that my front door key barely fits in, and my car key doesn’t, so I can’t use them for most runs. They also don’t have zips at the ankles, although looking on the website now they have another pair now for running that do have zips.

How many times do you wear your gym stuff before washing it? 

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16 thoughts on “Sorting out my sports clothes”

  1. I love my Nike capris, so many pockets and they wash brilliantly. I wash my tops and sport bras every time I run but my capris every 3-4 times if they don’t get wet/sweaty/dirty. I take them off straight away and spread them out, on a hanger, in front of an open window though – I don’t leave them in a pile to fester then wear again!!

  2. I read that statistic too! I’m not sure I could get away with wearing mine more than once anymore! Maybe when I first started out and was only running lightly for a couple of miles each time but definitely not now!
    I have quite a few sets of running clothes as I run five or six days most weeks and this time of year I have been layering my t-shirts on top of each other so get through twice as many tops. My favourite shorts are very definitely my Ronhill ones and I live in them for most of the year, but I do love my Nike tights…the Ronhill ones just didn’t cut it. They are incredibly high waisted and I struggle to keep them in place on longer runs.

    1. Yeah I suppose if I was running a couple of miles or something then I might re-wear the tights, but I can’t imagine wearing something 3 or 4 times before a wash!

  3. I have Thoosa capri’s and winter tights and LOVE them both.

    My gym and running gear goes straight in the laundry after being taken off, I’m a very sweaty girl I’m afraid.

  4. Oh I need to sort my drawer out too! It’s a combo of yoga and running clothes so is really all shoved in! My fave running tights are my Nike ones. My fave yoga tights are from Athleta, which is a shop in the US – like Sweaty Betty but cheaper! They are yet to make it over here sadly! Their yoga leggings are amazing 🙂

  5. If I am running, then I wash every time, but if I am doing something like kettlebells or yoga, then I will probably get two wears out of them unless I am super sweaty. Socks get changed every single time though.

    I am a Nike fan, and tend to get the capris though I do have a pair of leggings too. I order them from

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