Post run routine and another long run

I don’t know about you, but when I get home from a run (and I mean a longer run really) I just don’t know what to do first. I want to wash my face, I want a drink, I should go to the toilet, I need some food, I need a shower…. what to do first?

I used to always get straight into the shower, but I was finding that after I was out, dry, dressed, had wiped down the shower, hung up the towels, then made my breakfast, an hour could have gone by and I would just feel awful. So recently I have been washing my face (so salty), putting on a jumper so I don’t get too cold, having a drink (lovely nuun tropical is my favourite at the moment) and an apple, and then having a shower and breakfast a bit later. It was working well.

2015-03-01 14.27.15

But the mileage has taken another hike. I have been having something first, although porridge didn’t work out so well, so this time I had a pulsin’ bar (the vanilla one), and went out about 30 minutes later.

The run was actually OK. I was really dreading it for some reason, and didn’t sleep well at all (although I haven’t been sleeping well anyway at the moment), so I was up at just after 7am and out the door before 8. I had roughly plotted a route, which was a figure of 8 with my town in the centre- good in case I was really struggling. Β It was around 17 miles (my plan said 17 or 18) but I could always run up and down the road to add a bit more on if I wanted to. I wasn’t sure what to wear, in the end I chose a t-shirt and my jacket (good for the pockets).

2015-03-01 14.26.49I packed these snacks, plus tissues, phone and key, and decided I would not look at my watch. I lined up my podcasts (the rest of the latest Happy Health Chat, Marathon Talk from early Feb, News Quiz from last week, and Adam Buxton on Richard Herring) and then tried not to think about running for that many hours!

I looked at my watch, hoping for 10+ miles, and was surprised when it was over 11, so I had one yoyo then, and another at around 14 miles. I do think I could have done with a bit of water, so I will dig out my waist belt bottle carrier thing for next weekend. The wind was really tough- at times it felt like I was barely moving, but at least it was sunny. I kept having to roll my sleeves up and down, and zip and unzip my jacket, but at no point did I get too hot which I was relieved about. It was slow (3.21), in the end the route was 17.6 miles and I opted against rounding it up because in the grand scheme of things, 0.4 of a mile didn’t seem like it would make much difference.

Anyway, back to the post run routine. Today it went visit bathroom, wash face, have a drink, have an apple. Realise the hot water hasn’t been on long enough. Have a bowl of muesli and some tea (I was going to have French toast but I could not be bothered). Shower. Ah lovely hot shower. Burn half my skin in the shower (the water isn’t that hot, but my skin gets very cold). Have some more water.

We had to pop to town, which I think is a good thing as I need to keep moving. We park a way from the town (well, it is probably about half a mile out)- it was a slow walk today! We had a John Lewis cake voucher, so we shared some chocolate cake and had more tea, before walking back to the car.

But then, there is the whole other post run routine, which I just find a bit hilarious really. It goes like this:

Plug Garmin into the computer.Β Wait for it to sync the data.

Go to Garmin Connect, edit the name of the run and briefly look at the map.

Go to Strava. Edit the name of the run there. Look at the activity feed and “like” all of the new ones on there. Look at my training log and see the mileage. Notice that I have completed the 10k/ half marathon/ etc challenge and wonder whether if I beat that time I will move up the leaderboard.

Go to Jantastic. Log my runs (Strava has sent them there, I just need to add them). Look at my jantastic score, see how my team-mates are doing, and wonder about the badges.

Then there are the optional ones- go to facebook and post on my blog page. Go to the Did You Run Today? page and post on there/ comment on other peoples’ runs. Go to marathon talk and rate my run (I hardly ever do this now- so many other things to do!). And of course write a blog post.

Phew. A lot to get ticked off!

I do feel like a mad person sometimes frantically clicking from one website to the next- log your runs everywhere!!!

Marathon Talk Ep 265 was really interesting- I highly recommend it. They had a discussion about nutrition with Chrissie Wellington- it did make me think a lot, and I don’t agree with everything that was said, but I do agree that we are really still sold energy gels etc when I don’t think they are needed. Just back from listening to this, I look on my facebook page to see a link to this article, which at one point suggests taking a gel before a run. Just no!! This was one of the reason I stopped buying WR magazine- there was a huge focus on weight loss, and a lot of the articles felt repeated, but also the advice regarding nutrition seemed very swayed by marketing.

Right, I am off to make some French toast as a delayed brunch (really, it is now late lunch but who is counting?). What is your post run routine? How many websites do you have your runs logged on? I haven’t even mentioned twitter as I am not on that, but I bet to a lot of runners that could be added to the list too!

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20 thoughts on “Post run routine and another long run”

  1. Congratulations on a successful long run πŸ™‚ And it sounds as though you have a better nutrition strategy, yes? I really hope it’s working out well for you!

    I upload to Garmin Connect straight after running. I can’t eat anything until I know that data is there – I’m too anxious and I need to analyse it. I keep my profile private though. I must admit I don’t understand the need to broadcast every run over multiple social media channels (Twitter is the worst, because it’s not even running specific…no-one asked about that person’s run, and no-one needs or wants to hear about it). It just seems like showing off or expecting pats on the back just for going out for a run? Big deal. People have been going out for runs before social media, and running doesn’t make someone any better than everyone else. It’s rare to see this with other sports…I don’t like to suggest that runners are egotistical, but (some) runners seem to believe they deserve a round of applause for putting one foot in front of the other, particularly if it’s early in the morning. Yawn. It’s such a pet peeve of mine.

    I’m not suggesting you’re like this by the way – I just don’t get it myself! I love my running and don’t need anyone else holding me accountable for it. I also have enough trouble competing with/comparing myself to others as it is, so those online challenges would be a one way ticket to injury for me. Perhaps someone can chime in and enlighten me about this though – I could have it all wrong and there may be reasons to post other than bragging!

    1. Yes the pulsin bar was a much better choice I think, and I felt much better than my 16 miler the other week.
      I must say that I do like to share the post run high with others, but most of my friends on facebook are not really into running, so I quite like strava and groups for that. I also think the groups are good for asking other questions, and I know that beginners get a lot of support and encouragement.

  2. My post run routine varies – sometimes I want to get straight in the bath, sometimes I want to eat straight away. And somewhere amongst that uploading and analysing my runs! I usually like to have a bath and listen to the marathon talk podcast. I haven’t listened to that Chrissie Wellington one yet but will have to soon – sounds interesting. When I was marathon training last year, I used to try to have a gel once every hour, but now I just have one when I feel I need it, sometimes this is at 15 miles, sometimes at 10. I’ve felt better going on ‘feel’ than prescribed times.

    1. I think that sort of thing comes with experience- you need to get to know what suits you really.
      Enjoy the podcast when you get there πŸ™‚

  3. Oh I haven’t got to that marathon talk episode yet, look forward to listening to that. Great miles! I usually get straight in an ice cold bath for 5 mins while having a drink and a snack, then I do some stretching/yoga, and then I eat all the food.

    1. I hope you enjoy it, I am sure you will.
      Oooh not an ice bath in this cold weather! You are brave!

  4. Having a post run routine is something I’m going to have to start up again, this month will definitely be the month I lace up my trainers and it’s going to be even more strange having James running as well. When I used to run I would get so cold afterwards, I’d have to strip off and put on a jumper as well!

    1. I think as soon as you stop you get cold, as your body is still cooling, and also the sweat evaporates. Enjoy it once you get out there πŸ™‚

  5. Glad your long run went well! And glad the fueling situation is working better.
    My post-run long run routine is quite samey. Get in and chuck everything (watch, phone, keys, headphones) on the floor, go to the stairs, flop down. Get glass of water. Try and do some stretches and maybe foam rolling – but really I’m just enjoying being sat down in the living room on the floor splayed out.
    I’ll then start preparing my breakfast – but preparing and actually having can be a long time apart! I’ll usually add my milk to my porridge then wander off and tidy the stuff I’ve dumped, do more stretching and foam rolling (I start to get paranoid). Wonder if I need to take off my shorts and change or can I eat breakfast at the table in my shorts? Are they muddy?
    Find my watch again and sync it with my Garmin app on my phone (which automatically syncs to Strava). Then make breakfast. Then eat. Then check social media, maybe post a Tweet about my run because I feel like I have just accomplished the greatest thing in the world and the world NEEDS to know right now… πŸ˜‰ Then shower! Whew!

  6. My post running routine always depends! If it’s a hot day, and I just ran outside for a while, I like to relax with an iced coffee and sit on the beach for a bit. If it’s cold outside, I run indoors and straight into a hot shower! Then follow up with a protein shake afterwards πŸ™‚

  7. I’m really looking forward to getting back in to running again soon. I’ve signed up for Race for Life and looking for another race to help raise money for Alzheimer’s Disease. I used to run very early in the morning so my post run routine consisted of shower and then a big breakfast to celebrate.

  8. After a run, I tend to take off my clothes and put them in the washing machine, then wear my dressing gown to keep warm while I make something to eat and have a drink. Then I have a shower after I’ve eaten.
    I upload my runs to TomTom, and then Strava. I’ll have to start following you on Strava, I only started using it in January

    1. A dressing gown is a good idea. I have tracksuit bottoms (old ones that are not for working out in) that can go over my tights.
      I started Strava this year too- I was using Daily Mile as I like the weekly/ monthly stats, but it wasn’t that good- eg if I split my run (when I run to Sweatshop I stop my watch while we wait for everyone) it didn’t stop running so it would say weird average paces and things like that.

  9. I really know what you mean. We never upload the data from the Garmin because I can’t be bothered, I might put it into MapMyRun if I’m desperate to find out pace but don’t worry too much otherwise.
    Maybe we need to get more organised πŸ˜‰

    1. It might all be on your watch still as my Garmin really slowed and when I looked it had all the runs I had ever done still saved on there (so I deleted them). I love seeing how many miles I have done in a month/ year etc so I like the websites that track that.

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