Sweet and salty

In half term I was meeting up with some friends, and knew I fancied making something with chocolate and salted peanuts, I just didn’t know what.

A quick google found this Nigella recipe. Chocolate? Check. Salted peanuts. Check. Honeycomb? Well, not on my original list but it makes it sound even better.

I have made honeycomb before, but when I was buying nuts in the little health food shop I found a bag of honeycomb, so bought that for ease.

I ended up following the recipe here, because I really don’t like recipes that use cups- they make a lot more mess for one, and just are not as accurate. I had no golden syrup so used either rice syrup or agave, I can’t remember.

2015-02-18 21.42.24

Then I only took one photo, of a piece left over. But trust me, it was amazing. And very easy to make- basically melt stuff in a pan, add nuts and crushed honeycomb. Pour into tin. Cool. Try not to eat all at once.

Enjoy 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Sweet and salty”

  1. I love sweet and salty combos! My favourite at the moment is to sprinkle Truvia and a little salt on white rice, which probably sounds disgusting but tastes like caramel popcorn to me. My diet is still low-salt overall and I sweat so much while I run I think I probably need a certain amount…nothing crazy though.

    1. It does sound weird! But I like the popcorn like that now.
      I find I want salty things after a run- I go for either salted almonds/ peanuts, or popchips- not the healthiest but only a few. And a nuun tab for the other electrolyte stuff.

  2. Sweet and salty is one of the best flavour combos possible. I love it. It’s kind of exploding over the years hasn’t it? It was never really a big thing a while ago but now you can’t move for salted caramel being everywhere – which is not a bad thing at all!
    These little bites sound really tasty 🙂

    1. Not bad at all! I heard on the radio that salts opens your taste buds which is why it emphasises the sweet flavours.
      The bites are so good- well worth a try (and if you could not get honeycomb sub in something else- I think dried cherries would be good).

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