New shoes! Don’t wear jeans to the sports shop!

So after running Brighton, we went out for dinner with my mum and dad, who then mentioned that they would like to buy me some new trainers for my birthday- I think they could see the hole appearing above my big toe!

This weekend, they picked me up and we headed to Sweatshop (did you know, by the way, that if you are a member of a UK Athletics club, you get a 10% discount there? I didn’t until this weekend, which left me frantically trying to find my card for a few minutes).

A few years ago I did the whole treadmill thing, and got a pair of Mizunos which I loved. When I replaced them, the people in the shop just told me to get the next version of the same shoe, but I never really liked them- they felt very stiff and strange. Around that time I bought some Asics trail shoes, taking a gamble (they were cheap and I wouldn’t wear them that much I thought) Β and really liked them, so instead of getting fitted, I ordered some new road shoes (Asics) from Wiggle, and they turned out to be fab too. But I tried to work out which were the newer version of that shoe, and could not. I could not even work out if they were supportive/ cushioning/ something else type of shoes.

In the shop, even though I showed them my old shoes, he decided I should go on the treadmill (rolling up my jeans so he could see my ankles- not the easiest to do), first in neutral trainers (I think they were Adidas Boosts)- for three minutes, at a gentle speed, and then faster. He then showed me the video, which was really interesting (last time I don’t remember them even filming it, but that was a few years ago)- slow motion really showed my leg kicking to the side, which I have seen in race photos but can’t see myself. Anyway, I needed a shoe with some support on the inside. I tried some Brooks (back on the treadmill for another 3 minutes) which were comfy but felt like the arch in the sole was slightly too high, then another pair (I forget what), then the Asics. They felt really soft and comfy, and when he showed me the video he even drew lines on the screen to show how the alignment of my feet and knees. It was really interesting to see. Finally I tried a pair of Mizunos. To me they felt stiff (although I didn’t say anything) and after about 30 seconds he slowed down the treadmill and told me they weren’t for me. It is so clever that he could tell that right away.

In the end it was a toss up between the Brooks and Asics, and as I have loved my last two pairs of Asics it seemed sensible to go with those ones.

2015-05-09 13.26.35

It helps that they are very pretty too, although the Brooks were a lovely hot pink, so really I would have been happy with either!

I was so tired though- I must have run in total for about 15 minutes on the treadmill- I really should have worn sports clothes as the jeans and big hoodie made it very tough indeed.

On Sunday morning I was very excited to be up and out on a run, to try them out.

2015-05-10 10.51.30

Well, they were fab!

2015-05-10 10.50.30


(Just back from my run trying to work out how to take photo with sweaty fingers on the touch screen!)

And for once I was very co-ordinated- I bought this vest in H&M last weekend, and it matched my headband and shoes so well. What are the chances?

10 miles in the bag, first double figure run since Brighton, and I felt fine (apart from being very thirsty). Next weekend I am going to aim for 12 miles, then I have two weekends off (a week away), and then a 10k the following week, where I may or may not run long on the Saturday, before the half the following week. I think I will be OK for the half, especially if I do a few medium runs mid-week at some point.

But, what to do with my old trainers? I still have the old Mizunos that I loved, just in case- of what I don’t know! Do you keep old trainers and sports equipment?

Also, I am going to buy a new pair of sports headphones- I like the neckband style ones (not sure if you can see in the picture but they have a sold band around the back of your head) but they don’t do the same ones any more, and all the reviews on amazon are making my mind boggle! Any recommendations would be gratefully received.

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20 thoughts on “New shoes! Don’t wear jeans to the sports shop!”

  1. You deserve a gold medal for co-ordination πŸ™‚

    I must say that I loathe the new style of both Asics and Mizuno. If the Addidas Boosts had more support for my ankles then they would be perfect, but I can’t do too many long runs in them. The Asics and Mizuno styles I need are now both far too heavy and rigid, and I’m panicking a bit for when my old Kayano 21s wear out.

    I definitely keep most of my old trainers…they have sentimental value and I remember every race I’ve run in them!

    1. Thanks! It never normally happens!
      I do wish they would not update trainers so much, as it is so hard to find a new pair.

  2. I know exactly what you mean about Mizunos being stiff, but I find they really work for me. I do like adidas Boosts as well but I tend to stick with them for shorter runs (like parkrun). I have three different trains (Mizunos, Brooks and the Boosts) I cycle through but I do most runs in the Mizuno.
    Love the colour coordination! I try and match my hair bands to my tops or my socks to my tops (sad I know – I have lots of different coloured socks).
    I get rid of old trainers, though always keep one old set for ‘dirty’ jobs like gardening or whathaveyou.
    I do like the Jabra earphones but they are fiddly to get used to at first and they’re Bluetooth. Otherwise I just use my iPhone headphones. I’m not that fussy!

    1. Thanks- I am not sure I would use bluetooth as I only turn it on when I synch my vivoband thing- otherwise it drains the battery a bit.

    1. I wasn’t impressed with a lot of their workout bits- seemed more style over substance, but the running vest was good.

  3. Love the colour of your trainers! And how nicely coordinated you were on your run too! πŸ™‚ I am a big fan of Asics and intend on sticking with them now. I have Asics shoes for both road and trail and a variety of pairs for each!
    I tend to keep my old trainers. Last year when I ran an obstacle course we went through so much mud and rubbish on the route that I really didn’t want to clean my shoes afterwards so I made sure to wear an old pair that I could chuck! I also use more worn pairs of trainers for gym work or when I go out to mow the lawn. They have to be very holey or disgusting for me to chuck!
    I’ve never been for gait analysis but find it very interesting how much they can tell by watching you run. One day…

    1. Good point- I should keep the good ones I suppose for things like that. I use my old old mizunos for gardening and things, but they would be OK for other muddy things too.

  4. Those shoes look great! Do you know which Asics ones they are specifically? I’ve had Brooks Ravennas for my last few pairs which I think were the hot pink ones you tried? I’d be interested to compare them with the Asics! πŸ™‚

    1. Gosh, they are something like gel kayano 21- a long thing to remember!
      I liked the Brooks ones too, but seeing as I have never had Brooks, but have had 2 pairs of Asics it made sense to stick with them.

  5. I love Asics but the new kayanos are awful, the sizing is completely off, I wish they wouldn’t change something that isn’t broken! They were also wearing out around 300 mile mark, so I was going through them rapidly and they aren’t cheap. I’m trying some Mizuno’s out right now but they are too heavy for me, so I am back to square one, I love my old kayano’s but they are so expensive to get the same older version.

    1. That’s a shame. Maybe try Brooks then? I don’t know what model they were (apart from the bright pink colour) but they were pretty similar in feel, just a bit higher under the arch.

  6. Love the colour of your new trainers! Id deffinately recommend beats headphones. They may be expensive but they are well worth the price!

  7. Those trainers are so pretty and your colour co-ordination is spot on, you must have felt very snazzy πŸ™‚
    I hate the fact styles change so much with trainers, it means having to go back and through the running on a treadmill gait analysis malarky every time I need a new pair of shoes. Not cool!

  8. Definite bonus points for colour coordination! I couldn’t get on with Asics, they always give me pins and needles in my toes. I don’t know why, but I have stuck to Saucony. I have kept my first pair of running shoes (admittedly, I am only on my second pair!), as when my normal pair get soaking wet, I bring out the old ones.

    1. Thanks! πŸ™‚
      It is funny how different shoes suit different runners so much- best to stick with what you know works for you.

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