Birthday cake tea!

What did I just say? Yes, you read it correctly.

You may have noticed by now that I do rather love tea. Going to Brighton is always top of my list, and now that The Bluebird Tea co have opened there, it is even better. They are like the David’s tea of the UK (I got a bit obsessed with going there in Canada). Rows of giant tins filled with loose leaf tea, tea paraphernalia, plus a tea bar where you can buy anything hot, iced or as a latte.

On holiday last summer I did rather fall in love with London Fog lattes, which are made with Earl Grey tea, vanilla and steamed milk. I have tried to recreate them at home, but not quite so successfully. However, Bluebird Tea make them (and other scrumptious tea lattes), and you can even choose almond milk! Amazing!
2015-05-02 12.43.51

You can also buy online, and after seeing an offer (possibly free postage- I can’t remember) I went for a pick and mix of teas. I only tend to have black tea once a day, and at the weekend we get out our special teapot so having a few smaller packs is ideal as we can try a few but wont have them jamming up our tea cupboard for too long.

I went for:

Birthday cake tea (Rooibos and black tea with almondĀ and cake sprinkles)

Bonfire toffee (Black tea with caramel and apple)

Apple Strudel (rooibos with apple and cinnamon)

Totally Nutty (Black tea with almond and cinnamon)

Terry’s Tea (Black tea with cocoa nibs and orange)

And some Ear Grey creme teabags (Earl Grey+vanilla- I have some of the loose leaf tea, but this is for ease during the week)

2015-05-10 17.52.43

Now, sadly I didn’t actually have any on my birthday, but I had some last weekend, and it’s fab! Just a hint of sweetness from the sprinkles in there.

I am very much looking forward to trying the other flavours too. And of course, visiting Brighton again, and partaking in more of their freshly made drinks.

Are you a tea fan? Iced or hot?

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9 thoughts on “Birthday cake tea!”

  1. I love tea and currently loving a box of green tea with cranberries by Clipper, which is strange because I don’t normally like fruit tea, but this one is quite mellow. The birthday tea sounds really delicious.

  2. Oh I love the sound of those teas! They sound delicious. I love hot tea but not really a fan of iced tea (but I think this is mainly because I’ve been tainted by Litpons and that’s horrible!)

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