Ware 10 miles- race number 45!

The other day I was looking at my race calendar (I keep links to all of my race recaps on a page so I can easily see times etc), and worked out that the 10 mile race this weekend would be my 45th race! I would not have guessed that many. Now I know that, I want to make it to 50 before the end of the year. That sounds easy and I have three 10K’s booked, but not many free weekends left after those (and of course,  I need to find ones I can travel to easily). We shall see…

Anyway, Sunday morning I was off to the Ware 10 mile race. For the past two years I have completed it, but usually it is in the autumn. This year they moved it to the summer, to be part of the festival of running. They had free kids races, and had added a 10K, so it had even more of a community feel. I was worried about the heat because a lot of the course is not in the shade, but the weather was on our side.

It is just the sort of low key event that I love- turn up 45 minutes before, pick up your number from the tent, drop your bag into another tent, and have a chat to other runners before the start. There were some port-a-loos, (no queues) but I do not like to use them, so just distracted myself by chatting before the race started- it’s all nerves anyway!

Lots of OH ladies were doing the 10K, so we had a team photo before the start, and then they cheered me on, as the 10 mile started about 15 minutes before the 10K (which seems much more sensible- at the St Albans half the 5K goes an hour before the half, so that people are collecting their bags after finishing the 5K just as the half marathon runners are dropping bags off).

Like my jazz hands? This was me excited before the start!

Anyway, the route was slightly different in a few places, but basically two 5 mile loops- the first 2 miles were hilly (including some very short sharp steep ones) and the last 3 miles were flat, around playing fields and along by the river- such lovely views.

As always, there were marshals everywhere cheering everyone along. I wasn’t aiming for  pb because I don’t run well in the summer, and have not run much further than a 10K since the half I don’t think. I started with my running buddy, but she is a bit faster so headed off after a mile or so. I was going OK- I wanted to keep under 10 minute miles and mostly I was managing it. Going along the river at the end of the first lap I caught up with a group of Fairland Valley runners, so I stayed at their pace, but then as it was hot I decided to stop at the half way point water station to have a few sips of water, so I lost them at that point. I got a bit of a stitch after that, but the marshals helped (it’s the last time you have to see me/ think of the cake etc)- I walked a few steps of the steepest hill because the stitch wasn’t going and one of my calf muscles was getting tight, and the lovely marshal at the top told me this was the furthest point from the finish, so every step was a step closer to cake. The cake is a big thing in this race!

After that was out of the way I picked up the pace again, and caught up with the group of runners by the river again. Then, as I came into the field to do the final loop, all the OH ladies (who had finished their 10K’s) were cheering me on in different places- it was lovely to have that boost right at the end.

My lovely running buddy had finished a few minutes ahead of me, so she bought us some cake and we had a photo- the homemade cake is mostly the point of this race!

2015-07-12 19.13.54

I can’t flip the photo around, but I am sure you can see it!

I picked up my lovely high viz t-shirt too- the size was written on the number so they were ticking them off- very organised and it means that even if you finish last, you get the right size.

Chip time- 1.37.47

2015-07-12 12.38.21

In anticipation of the rain I had packed a t-shirt to change into for the journey home (excuse my expression here- not sure what that’s about)- although it was dry, I was glad to take off my vest.

2015-07-12 13.05.24

After a shower I had a snack of muesli and yoghurt, plus watermelon coconut water, as then I was off for afternoon tea. I didn’t even take a photo of the afternoon tea, but it was perfect to lounge around and catch up after a busy morning.

I think 50 races before the end of 2015 sounds like something good to aim for. My running buddy is aiming to do 50 half marathons, and is well on her way, so perhaps that would be the next one.

How many races have you completed? Do you have a particular goal in mind?

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11 thoughts on “Ware 10 miles- race number 45!”

  1. 45 races is amazing! Well done you. Love that photo of you, you look so excited 🙂 I think I’ve done 3 races so far, the GNR twice and the GNR 10K once. Hoping I can still do the GNR this year as I’ve bruised my ribs!

    1. Thanks! I was excited! Especially because lots of the OH ladies were there.
      Oh no, I hope your ribs are OK.

  2. Well now I have to go and check how many races I’ve done haha! Luckily they’re on a page on my blog so I can count them.
    ***Interlude while I check***
    I’ve done 29 that I’ve recorded on my blog, but about a year before my blog I ran the 5k Great South ‘Fun’ run (what a rip off – the amount they charged for it!!) so 30 in total 🙂 I (hopefully!!) have five more definitely in the diary as well until the end of the year, but maybe I’ll squeeze in a few more!
    The race sounds perfect. I love such low key events. And aren’t all races cake focused…? 😉
    I agree that the loo visit is probably nerves but I just have to go otherwise I’ll panic while I’m running. It’s like when you go to bed and you think “should I go to the loo?” and then you can’t sleep because all you can think about is the loo. That’s my life!

    1. Ha ha it was my life for a bit but I have weaned myself off it because I hate port-a-loos so much!
      I was thinking you would be at a similar number to me- you seem to do so many races now too.
      Yes to the cake too, but this time the marshals and everyone kept on about the cake too!

  3. Well done Maria, that’s a lot of races! And of course the training, logistics etc behind the races is even more impressive.
    Watermelon and coconut sounds and interesting combination, bet it was very refreshing after the race!

    1. It was very refreshing- they do a few blends now and I fancied trying one.
      Thanks- I dread to think how much the races cost, but then it’s a healthier hobby than a lot!

  4. Watermelon coconut water?…That sounds like something I want to try!
    Quite a few of our club are off to the guys at Fairland Valley this weekend as their races are part of our club trail series.
    Well done on the race and sticking to your goal. Some lovely pictures from the day as well. 🙂
    50 races by the end of the year sounds like a good target. I think I have run around a similar number to you as well. I seem to go through phases of booking all the races, and then don’t run one for weeks! It definitely adds up though!

    1. My running buddy is doing some of the run this weekend- 18 miles possibly.
      I do go through sprees of signing up- it gets exciting but I must admit I am looking forward to a Sunday off.

  5. 50 races is pretty awesome! I’ve no idea how many I’ve done- I’m intrigued now haha, I think it’s around 30- I never really started doing many races until I moved to London. Lots more oppurtunities now.

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