White chocolate baking

White chocolate is my least favourite chocolate- I quite like it, but I don’t love it. However, I do seem to use it in quite a few recipes- especially at the moment. Perhaps it is more summery than other chocolate. It does seem to go with fruity flavours.

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Last weekend I made a white chocolate and raspberry loaf for Sunday tea. The recipe, of course, is from the CCC book, although I subbed a bit of the regular flour for ground almonds as I think that goes nicely (It’s a normal loaf recipe with raspberries added to the batter, then topped with melted white chocolate). As I had the raspberries (they are little freeze-dried ones in a tube) I made some white chocolate and raspberry fudge, as end of term gifts for people at work. Can you believe I forgot to take a photo though? On a side note, I used my KitchenAid for beating the fudge and it was so much easier than using hand held beaters over the saucepan- the way forward from now on.

This weekend I fancied trying something new, and when flicking through the book I came across Orange and White Chocolate Cake- Andy liked the sound of it too, so I went with it.

Basically, it is orange cake, sandwiched with an amazing white chocolate and orange buttercream. In the photo, the buttercream is the filling, but it made so much I put half on top too (and you can see from the blob missing on the top, it touched the top of my biggest container- we took it for Sunday tea and brought home a large piece to share another day.

To make the icing you warmed some freshly squeezed juice, poured it over white chocolate, to melt it. Then left this to cool. Then you need to make a little buttercream, and pour in the white chocolate mixture to the buttercream, and fluff it all up. Really tasty, but so sweet.

2015-07-26 14.00.17


Action shot!
2015-07-26 14.03.50

There’s cake somewhere under all that icing.2015-07-26 14.10.31

Are you a white chocolate fan?

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8 thoughts on “White chocolate baking”

  1. Snap! I like to say white chocolate isn’t even chocolate to me hehe. I agree though that it works with fruit and if that cake tastes as good as it looks I’ll bet it works with that too!

  2. This looks lovely! I need to get a bit of baking started again now that Summer has really begun.
    I agree that white chocolate works well with fruity flavours. Particularly raspberry. White chocolate and raspberry cheesecake is my favourite. 🙂

  3. I’m not a huge white chocolate fan like you but to be honest on a cake it works just fine! I had a white chocolate blueberry cheesecake (more pudding than cake I suppose) and it was amazing. It’s sweet enough to work without being rich like normal chocolate can be. But it can be quite sickly. However your cake looks amazing (as always). Putting the buttercream on the top as well is a win win 🙂

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