Back to work running

Well, last Tuesday was the last day of the holidays, and my first trip to the running club since my holiday. I love our Tuesday sessions- we never know how far we will go, which route we will do, and whether it will be a steady run or an interval session.

Last week only three of us turned up, so we did a lovely route through a cycle way (an old railway line), and then we took on “the hill”- I had only run it the day before on my Bank Holiday 6 miler. Ah well, the more we do it, the better we will get I suppose.

After work on Wednesday we walked up to the cinema (Mission Impossible 10 or whatever- which I very much enjoyed) so I decided to get up early on Thursday morning. I don’t normally like to run before work, but we had a training day that didn’t start until 8.45, so I had more flexibility in getting to work.

2015-09-03 06.23.55

I left home just after 6am and was treated to a pretty impressive sunrise- it looked like the building was on fire! I did 3.5 miles and it really made me feel so much better- our training days on Wednesday and Thursday were sitting down, which is very different to my normal days at work and I was feeling sluggish.

On Thursday evening I went to Body Pump for the first time in about 5 or 6 weeks. I didn’t think it would be too bad (not sure why)- I chose slightly lighter weights for the squats, chest and triceps, but for the rest kept my usual weight. By Friday afternoon I was really stiff and sore. We got a Eurostar to Paris on the Friday evening, and spent Saturday and Sunday doing lots of walking.

Last night was another club run- a lot of them are doing a local 10K race (the same weekend I am doing the Bournemouth 10K) so we have officially started 10K training.  We ended up doing 5.4 miles (including that hill) at a pretty fast pace. By the end we were running to beat the light- it was fairly gloomy and we ran through a few alleyways that seemed quite dark. It was really enjoyable, but I felt pretty shattered when I got home and I don’t think I will be running far today!

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27 thoughts on “Back to work running”

  1. Haha, Mission Impossible 10 😀 It does feel like that sometimes, doesn’t it?

    I’ve noticed that when I run later in the day I’m often trying to beat the dark nights closing in as well. I try to do that to teach myself to run in the evenings (it would be nice to adapt to every time of the day) but I’m never that keen on running in the dark at night. It doesn’t bother me in the mornings though, so I’m not sure why evenings are so different!

    1. See I am the opposite- I don’t mind dark evenings on my own (I go out around 6 so it’s never late on my own) but dark mornings spook me a bit.

  2. Amazing photo! What a beautiful sunrise.
    Do I need to see all the other MI movies to see the latest one? Or maybe just the last one? I like the sound of them but honestly I can’t be bothered to watch ALL of them (side note: yay for Kermode and Mayo being back!)

    1. No, I think I have seen them, but I am not sure if I have, and the story is just on it’s own, no need to see others! 🙂 Well, I could not remember any of the other stories and I enjoyed it just fine. And yay I agree!

  3. Fab picture of the sun! We’ve had some really pretty sunsets just lately. I’m always much more likely to notice them when I’m out on a run.
    I would never have been able to cope with going away the first weekend after school started back. I fitted in a long run and marshaled a half marathon on the Sunday but it was comforting knowing that I could come home and sleep in my own bed those nights! Hope you had a lovely time though. 🙂

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