Quest bars- a review

I am a bit of a cereal bar addict. There are plenty of bars that I love- nakd bars, pulsin bars, clif bars, bounce bars; I find them perfect for leaving in my bag for a few days until I need a snack (much better than leaving a banana in there to turn brown and squashy). While I was away, Predator Nutrition offered me the chance to review some Quest bars, and because of my love of cereal bars, I agreed.

2015-08-28 14.59.08

They sent me a big selection of flavours!

Quest bars are protein bars (around 20g per bar), that are high in fibre (17g in some bars) and low in sugar (1g in some). They use whey protein, so they are not suitable for vegans. The flavours all sound very tempting- Mint Chocolate Chunk, White Chocolate Raspberry, Peanut Butter Supreme, Apple Pie.

My first impressions were not too good- to me the packaging is really cluttered and it was not easy to see which flavour each one was. Plus the photos of the dessert that the bar was trying to imitate seemed a bit strange- seeing a photo of apple pie with a big scoop of ice cream on it seemed a bit misleading, plus it made me want a proper dessert even more! But that may be just me!

2015-08-30 15.58.20

I packed a Coconut Cashew one when I marshaled at the triathlon, but was so busy I didn’t have the time to try it. Afterwards I had to pop to town to collect an order, so I had some of the bar on my walk back to the car, but I have to say I wasn’t keen. I was really hungry by this point (it was gone 11, and I had been up since before 6 and eaten nothing) so that didn’t help. But it seemed way too chewy, and had a weird metallic tang. When I checked the ingredients I noticed stevia on there, which in the past I have not got on with. But, some of the bars didn’t contain it, so I decided to try one of those next.

2015-09-01 13.28.58Next I tried a Peanut Butter Supreme- this one had no stevia, and I did prefer the taste, but I can’t say I really enjoyed it. The texture was still so chewy and to me it didn’t taste that much like peanut butter. The Vanilla Almond Crunch had no stevia, and the shortest ingredients list, but again, not for me.

Then, I tried an Apple Pie bar as it didn’t contain stevia- it smelled of cinnamon, which I loved, but the taste was just not for me.  I can’t pinpoint it, but they seem to taste too sweet, even though they are low in sugar.

The White Chocolate Raspberry had huge chunks of white chocolate, and freeze dried raspberries, but something in the bar seemed to overpower those flavours.

Finally I tried the Mint Chocolate Chunk, hoping that the mint flavour would overpower the artifical flavour that I kept tasting. The peppermint flavour was good, it had chunks of chocolate cookie or something in there, but I was disappointed as I didn’t like this one either.

I appreciate having the chance to try these, but they are not for me. I am not sure if it is the whey protein (when I tried that before, years ago, I didn’t get on with it), the artificial sweeteners (or I suppose sugar-free sweeteners, as stevia is a leaf so I suppose is “natural”), or the added fibre, but the combination is not for me. I think I will stick to my tried and tested favourite ones, and eat some actual mint chocolate if I want some.

Are you a fan of Quest bars?

* I was sent the bars in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

PS- If you like them, Predator Nutrition have some good deals, including some short dated stock for a reduced price.

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11 thoughts on “Quest bars- a review”

  1. As a UK Quest Bar fan, I’ll say that you need to give them another try. The way to truly savour and enjoy quest bars is by heating them up – honestly, with the Cookie Dough, Brownie and Double Choc ones in particular – it feels like you’re eating a freshly baked desert!

    Honestly, it completely changes the way the bars taste (I used to feel the same way about them before I heated them up – but now I can straight up eat them from the packet too!)

    My favourite way of eating them is by oven – pop them in for 5-10 minutes and they come out tasting like a fresh brownie. If you’re low on time – couple of seconds in the microwave is fine – but nothing compared to the oven.

    I’m not sponsored by quest (I wish I was because I spent a ridiculous amount getting them shipped from the US and stock pile them when I am there!) but honestly, give the oven a go 🙂 Just thought I’d comment just incase you hadn’t heard of this method by another quest addict 🙂

    1. Thanks- I had heard that, but it seems like a faff, and usually I would have them on the go, instead of at home with an oven. But thanks 🙂 Also, the predator nutrition site stocks them, so you might be able to get them cheaper here?

  2. I absolutely love quest bars. The cookies and cream one is a big hit and they have a chocolate and peanut butter on that is also great. I need to try microwave thing as I’ve heard great things about it. Shame that they are so pricey in the UK.

  3. Oh dear! I think you wrote that review very diplomatically. I appreciate your honesty. US bloggers seem to rave about the Quest Bars that I’ve always been intrigued by them. I’m not a huge cereal bar eater so was never tempted. I tend to have them either as a stop-gap between meals if I’m desperate or before a long run if I’m squeezed for time. But I wouldn’t have them regularly as I prefer to snack on nuts or fruit.
    I’m not a fan of Stevia either. It has a very strange aftertaste that I don’t enjoy. I think these flavours are probably more suited to the American market as they’re so crazy about pudding-flavoured things and cinnamon everything.

  4. I love your honest review! There are not too many of them in the blogger world unfortunately.
    I don’t like all the Quest bar flavours, but I do really like the mint chocolate ones. I am actually waiting in for a delivery of a box of them haha.

    1. Thanks. Well, usually if I am offered something I would only accept it if I think I will like it- things like quorn I have been offered but as I am not massively keen I tend to say no thanks. But I had read so many rave reviews I was pleased to be able to try them, and at least now I know. Enjoy them!

  5. Hi Maria,
    A couple of things..
    Firstly, whenever I read your blog I smile at your blog name and wonder why it took me so long to find it 🙂
    Secondly, first time I tired a Quest I hated it. There I was, sat on the sofa having brought a bar for a whole £2.75 and getting ready to be uhmazed..
    I wasn’t.
    Then, as above comments I heated the bar and it really did improve it so very much..
    I like the chocolately cookie dough one a LOT but some of the others just don’t do it for me the same way.
    However I’ve only tried a couple and if I was to say one thing, it was I always find them to be genuinely filling (never a bad thing).
    I made my own once with green and blacks…..Hmmmmm now that was good 😉

    1. I am sure they are really filling- they do contain a lot of protein!
      Love the sound of the homemade ones more 🙂
      And thanks- ha my blog name is so old now, but I think it still fits as I still do love running and baking! 🙂

  6. I didn’t like these at all either… they were way too dense and chewy and tasted too fake and processed for me. They gave me a stomach ache. I decided not to review them, as I just didn’t have anything good to say.

    1. I probably should have done that, but I felt like I had to. Also they kept on emailing, and it was a different person each time, and so I was not sure who to email. Anyway, a Mark Kermode always points out, no publicity is bad publicity and it seems they have a lot of fans still. But yes, not for me.

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