Two visits to parkrun in one weekend, and no running

I had already signed up to do the new runner briefing at parkrun on Saturday, and usually it’s a great role to do if you are running. I was walking so much better, and could actually lace up my shoes (that is progress- my lower back had been so tight that putting a sock on my left foot was a challenge and I could not even zip up my boot), but I knew that going from resting to a run was a bad idea. Maybe I did learn something last week! Anyway, Dad and my brother were still running, so they picked me up as per usual. There was a big bunch of volunteers, including some from the new (coming soon) Hatfield parkrun, so after the tail runner (and about 10 late runners) headed off we chatted for a bit.

2016-04-02 09.07.26

The field of sheep was closed as they were close to giving birth. Sadly several sheep had been mauled by a dog (they had some horrible photos on the notice board)- usually they ask for dogs to be on leads but because of the attack they have closed it. It was a gorgeous day, and it wasn’t long before the lead runner headed back up the hill.

Later we had to collect a parcel and spent a bit of time walking around town (including buying some bargain 59p 4-packs of PB cups- for some sort of baking I think)- I know I am walking more slowly but I think partly that is me being cautious now. I did some baking (banana peanut butter cake) ready for Sunday, and some general pottering, before we had another walk in the evening.

Today was another beautiful day, and we fancied a walk somewhere, but could not make up our minds. Andy suggested Panshanger park, so we drove there for a walk.

2016-04-03 12.42.31

We walked along the parkrun course. Bluebells were starting to flower, and there were so many birds in the trees.

2016-04-03 13.26.11

At about 3.5km along the parkrun course, there is a new (ish) path up to an old oak tree, so we decided to walk up there and have a look. There were leaflets in a box on the gate (which you returned at the end) and the walk was marked with oak leaves.

2016-04-03 13.26.26

The walk went beside one of the lakes, past a little weir and an old water wheel, and up through a field, eventually into some woods.

2016-04-03 13.34.16

The oak was circled in fence with an information board- it’s around 500 years old.

2016-04-03 13.36.30

2016-04-03 13.36.37

2016-04-03 13.37.49

The walk then took us past where the old house used to be- it was sold and demolished in the 50’s which is weird- the photos make it look like a National Trust house and it had quite a bit of history including some royal visitors (Queen Victoria I think), and it was strange to think it was just sold and knocked down.

2016-04-03 14.20.24

Then we re-joined the parkrun route and headed back to the car park. Why does this never look steep in photos? Someone was running up it so I thought that might show how steep it is!

2016-04-03 14.20.29

Still no lambs in the field. Anyway, it clouded over a bit as we neared the car, but it was so lovely to be outside in the fresh air. My hip held up well which is a good sign as that was around a 7km walk, and it’s really my back which is worse now- my lower back is still so tight and so bending down to untie my trail shoes was a bit uncomfortable at the end. But I have saved a yoga for hips video to my laptop (thanks to Steph the magpie for that) so I will try that either later this evening or tomorrow.

This sort of park is my favourite- it’s not very busy, there are no toilets or cafe (parkrun has a coffee van there on a Saturday morning) but there are plenty of different walks and loops that you could do.

How have you enjoyed the spring weather? What shall I bake with the pb cups?

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8 thoughts on “Two visits to parkrun in one weekend, and no running”

  1. I heard about the dog mauling issue on the radio this morning and about farmers shooting dogs. Obviously I’m a dog lover and find this really sad, but at the same time you cannot just let dogs go and harass and maul sheep. It’s awful. The owners are entirely to blame – the dogs that do this are usually the ones that it’s in their nature to round up and kill livestock. The owners should realise this and should keep their dogs on the leads and train them better. Awful.
    Sounds like a lovely walk though. Glad your hips is feeling better!

  2. Poor sheep! The farmers around here can be slightly trigger happy so I tend to avoid running through fields at this time of year. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve also got an injury. Hills never seem to look very steep in photos. I tried and failed to to take a decent photo of what I call my nemesis hill last year.

  3. Glad your hip felt better for this. It definitely looked like a lovely walk. That’s so sad to hear about the sheep being mauled. I met a lady at a blog social a couple of years ago, and she keeps sheep and had recently had an attack. She put pictures up on her blog, and it is just awful. Dog owners definitely need to be more responsible when it comes to walking in fields with livestock. Anyway, that tree is quite amazing! 500 years kind of blows my mind!

    1. It was impressive to visit the tree- a bit weird to think of all the people who have probably looked at it over all those years.

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