Some of my favourite podcasts

I love listening to podcasts- when out running, on a walk, and on my commute. Here are some of my current favourites:img_20161002_082602384_hdr

Of course there is my long run favourite, Marathon Talk. It’s my favourite podcast for my long runs- I love the banter between the hosts, but they have a wide range of guests on, from super speedy elites, to people running a marathon for the first time. They also chat about general running issues and news stories, like the doping scandals that keep popping up.

Friday nights are good to listen to the Kermode and Mayo’s film review show. Again, they have great banter (athough at times they ramble on about old music a bit too much). The show has a fairly high entry point as there are lots of in jokes and sayings, but it’s worth it. They also review the films without spoiling them, which is not an easy thing (I’m talking to you Robbie Collins- I am glad I had seen Inside Out before I heard your review as you basically explained the whole film). It’s on air on Friday afternoon, so we tend to download the podcast and listen together while dinner is cooking, or if we’re going away for the weekend we save it for the journey.

Adam Buxton hosts a great podcast. Some of you may remember him from The Adam And Joe Show, either on TV or later on Xfm. He now hosts this podcast- each show he has a little chat, and then interviews a guest. He’s had some really interesting guests on there (including Michael Palin and Louis Theroux) and it’s well worth a listen. There are a few catchy jingles in there too, if you love those.

Pop Culture Happy Hour– This is a discussion podcast from the US, about TV shows, films, books and music. It’s good as they recommend new shows, and talk about old ones that they have just discovered (so even though usually America gets things first, they also have BBC America so get some of our shows too). Recently they had a very funny discussion about “The Great British Baking Show” (what Bake Off is called in America). It cheers me up on my Monday morning commute.

Science Vs– hosts some really interesting discussions, weighing up evidence and concluding. The first series had discussions about Paleo eating and e-cigarettes which were particularly interesting.

More or Less– They look at statistics that have been in the news and pick them apart. It’s so interesting, and not heavy going at all. They should be fact checking everything! And if only the government would listen to them (e.g. Grammar schools don’t improve social mobility…).

Tough Girl podcast– I only got into these a few months ago, and I find it so interesting. Each episode hosts a different adventurer. I love reading travel or adventure books (like Wild) and so hearing about someone climbing Everest, or hiking the Appalachian trail is just so interesting.

Now I hardly ever have the radio on- if I download the podcast I won’t miss any of it!

What are your favourite podcasts? What kinds of things to you listen to on the radio?

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