How is it November? This means the C word is just around the corner! Crazy!

I’ve been making the most of the darker evenings by watching some TV shows-  we just finished Goliath which was really good (I think we watched one episode per evening until we finished it), and have  just started The Crown which (to someone who is not a fan of period dramas) seems interesting.


The mornings have been very frosty recently. I had a lovely run on Sunday morning and enjoyed seeing all of the frosty leaves covering the ground.


It was such a sunny morning- beautiful.


I had to keep on stopping as I was having a whatsapp conversation about later in the day, so kept taking those opportunities to take pictures while my phone was out. After my run we spent some time in the garden (we have finally planted the apple tree), and I attempted to saw up some logs to take to work- this did not go as planned and I am not sure how I managed to do some without chopping my ankle off. Later the clouds rolled in and it absolutely poured- I was meant to be meeting friends for cake and a walk, but in the end the walk was abandoned and we stayed inside.


Of course on Saturday morning I headed to parkrun- my dad decided to meet me at Panshanger (and actually made it this time!)- I was awake early so I did a few miles beforehand, before we ran together (both finishing with 29.00 as our time, on the dot), making it up to 6 miles for the morning.


Instead of my nuun tabs, I have been having powdered coconut water after a run, sent to me from Proto-col. If I put some in the bottom of a glass and pour water over, I don’t even need to stir it which is brilliant. It does not taste the same as fresh coconut water, but it still contains the minerals and electrolytes so it’s great for re hydrating.

We’ve been doing some house things-  we got our immersion heater wired up so that if the boiler goes we can at least have hot water. Our bedroom curtains were fitted last week (Andy would normally do it, but we have two windows which were odd sizes, so we bought made to measure ones, and lining up two just seemed hard work..). Anyway, they make our bedroom so cosy, I love them! So much better than the office style blinds we had before.


On the subject of that (sort of) I listened to a Late Night Woman’s hour podcast last week. I don’t tend to download one each day (or even each week), just when I think it sounds interesting. Anyway, this one was Lauren Laverne presenting, and the panel (including someone Danish) had a discussion about the latest craze hitting us, Hygge. It was a really interesting discussion, here if it interests.


And finally, look at what Andy found! Well, it is November now….

Are you thinking about Christmas yet? (Yes, I said it, it’s out there now).  Are you enjoying the frosty mornings? I am enjoying my collection of winter hats!

*The powdered coconut water was sent to me in exchange for a mention on my blog. All opinions are my own.

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