December running so far, and fava bean granola

My Strava feed seems to be full of running at the moment- it seems a lot of people are running every day in December/ for advent. To me, that’s crazy. I know that running 3 days in a row is OK for me, and 4 is my limit, and really the 4th run is no use to me at all as I will be stiff, tired and slow. However, I do like the challenges that encourage me to run a little further than normal. I can get into a bit of a run midweek- 3 miles is my minimum run (what’s the point in spending more time washing my hair than I spend running?), so doing a distance challenge is good as it makes me run 4 or 5 miles in the evenings instead. It is also good for my at parkrun as I tend to run a mile or two beforehand, and so I am then warmed up for the start of parkrun.  As I have mentioned before, I’ve signed up for the 100 miles in December challenge, and I also want to run 1000 miles in 2016. We are half way through December now, and my monthly total is 44 miles (not too bad you might say- nearly half way), and my yearly total is 940. As we were away for the first weekend in December I did no running then at all- missing one long run and one parkrun had a big impact. So I have 60 miles to run in two weeks. I think it’s doable. This weekend I’ll run before parkrun, and do a long run on Sunday, so that will be around 15 miles. I’ll do a normal club run on Tuesday, and then I can run in daylight (I finish on Wednesday)- I’m planning another long run on Thursday with a few of the girls from the club. I might run to and from parkrun on Christmas Eve, and I have a 10 mile race the day after Boxing Day. I don’t want to be having to run lots of days in a row so I am trying to make sure all of my runs are slightly longer.


I’d also forgotten that I had signed up for the Virtual Runner 5k series of December- annoyingly I didn’t go to parkrun the first weekend (we were away) and last weekend I marshaled, so one day I did an out and back to get the 5k in, although a longer run would have been better, so this week I submitted the first 3 miles of a 5 mile run. The 4 medals all clip together to make a snowflake which is why I signed up.

Ages ago I was sent some granola from Fava Mills. They use fava beans from Finland to make high protein breakfast cereals.


They make 5 varieties- Apple and Cinnamon, Cranberry, Crunchy, Apricot and Papaya, and Berries and Beets. They also make ground fava beans which you can add to savoury things, a bit like quorn mince or lentils or something.


The apple and cinnamon is my favourite- this is on top of an apple with some almond milk, although you can’t see the apple. The granola is super crunchy, and although I do prefer it crunchy, I leave it to soak for a bit as otherwise I don’t think my teeth could handle it!


The ingredients are: oat flakes, fava bean flour (20.5%), sugar, pea protein, rapeseed oil, apple cubes (4%) [apple, sugar, natural apple flavor, acidity regulator (citric acid)], barley malt extract, cinnamon, salt. So they do contain sugar, but then most granolas do. Each serving has 9g protein, which seems quite good.

They are available to buy only online at the moment, here. They also have some recipes on their website.

I think it would make a great crunchy topping for an apple crumble too, although I have not tried it just yet.

Do you mange to keep running/exercising during the festive period? Have you ever joined a challenge? When do you finish work for Christmas?

*I was sent the cereals in exchange for a mention in a blog post *

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2 thoughts on “December running so far, and fava bean granola”

  1. I’ve been ill for about 2 weeks now and my Physio has asked me not to run until I get the results of a scan on my hip, so basically I’ve done next to nothing in December! It’s OK though, I’d rather rest when I need to. I don’t really take part in these challenges, as I’ve got my own personal goals I’m working on and sometimes they don’t fit in with that. I’m at work until next Friday- can’t wait to have some time off. Good luck with meeting your running goals by the end of the year 🙂

    1. That sucks, but you do need to rest as otherwise things will just get worse. Hope the last week of work goes well 🙂

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